Access Control

Newgate stock a comprehensive range of access control technology including card readers, keypads and intercoms for car park security barriers, sliding gates and turnstiles To ask advice on any product call us on 0808 156 1561, email us with your request or contact us via this website

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        • Push Button
          Remotely operated from a security lodge or reception, the push buttons provide open, stop and close control
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        • Intercom Range
          Communication takes place between the slave station at the barrier/gate position and security or reception. A push button is activated to operate the equipment. Video intercom units and GSM intercom units are also available as standard.
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        • Keypad
          A code is entered into the keypad and the equipment opens. Keypads can be simple stand alone units or integrated into PC based systems
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        • Proximity Card Control
          The users card is placed over the reader, which reads the information. Assuming the card is valid, the barrier/gate opens. Card readers can be simple stand alone units or integrated into PC based systems.
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        • Radio Control
          The vehicle occupant or security officer presses the button located on the hand held transmitter. The equipment opens and the vehicle proceeds. The equipment can be closed by again pressing the transmitter or by induction loop or photo-electric cell systems associated with the barrier/gate.
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        • Token Acceptor
          The vehicle occupant is issued with a token from security or reception. The vehicle occupant inserts the token into the acceptor, and the equipment opens. Plain or slotted tokens are avaiable.
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        • Vehicle Transponder
          A transponder is fitted to the chassis of the vehicle. When the vehicle drives over the floor mounted induction loop, the equipment opens. Safety and closing can be by induction loop or photo-electric cell
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        • Special Control Consoles
          Custom built to your specific requirements, these consoles can include push buttond, key switches and indicator lights