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Many clients feel the need to install a protection bollard in front of their traffic barrier, if they think there is a chance that the barrier could be exposed to traffic impact!

Considering this is one of the most solid bollards that I have ever seen, how on earth did the barrier get hit?

The barrier is dead, the foundation needs work and even the bollard its sell got scuffed!

For traffic barriers, always come to Newgate for bollards – think hard before you buy!

‘Customised Gates’

More ‘Customised Gates’.  When will we ever build a simple one?  ‘Hipped Panel’ infill is a particular favourite of Waitrose.  We only produce a few of these per year, but they do look impressive.  This ones slightly different to the norm as it also incorporates a mesh screen above the gate leaf.  It’s still fitted with the usual safety features, incl. Safety Edges, Photo Cells, Flashing Light, HSE Signage and Magnetic Locking.

If you want to see a more impressive one, check out the Gallery Photo’s on our Bi-Fold Gate Page of our website –

Custom Gates



If you are determined enough to break into a works van, then what can you do to prevent it? Over the years, Newgate’s site vans have been equipped with all manner of alarms, trackers, security locks etc. But we have never had to consider having to prevent thieves from using a tin opener. This is a first for us, and hopefully just a one-off. Replacement doors tend to get expensive!

Who put the tree in the way?

Well, this traffic barrier installation was well thought out!  Who put the tree in the way?

It doesn’t happen often, in fact rarely, but every now and then you get one client / site that doesn’t prepare for his new barrier installation.

As awkward as this one is, a quick prune of the offending tree will solve the problem.  When it becomes a little more taxing is when there are overhead power lines!

I’m not pruning them!!


You would not believe the work involved in installing an automatic bollard.

When you walk through your town pedestrian shopping area, you see some automatic bollards in a line, to control vehicle traffic.

But peel back the layers of the bollard installation and see the amount of work involved.

Pits, concrete tubes, sand, drainage, cables and then a final surface finish of tarmac or concrete.

Spare a thought for engineers who prepped the ground in readiness for your bollards.


Not your average new shiny gate!

This is not what your brand new shiny gate from Newgate is supposed to look like!

Unfortunately, it has had a disagreement with a supermarket lorry – and most definitely lost.  This is the pitfalls of being a supermarket Service Yard Gate.

Sometimes, the entrance to the service yard is so small, or badly positioned, that the delivery drivers have to aim their lorry at the gate position to manoeuvre into the yard.  Nine times out of ten it works, and then on the tenth time!

This Electric Swing Gate was soon repaired and put back in operation.

Check out our range of Supermarket Service Yard Gates on our website

Swing Gate






Thats not supposed to happen

If you are going to have a problem with your Challenger Rising Arm Traffic Barrier – you might as well make it a good one!

Where to start?

• Pole damaged
• Curtain Damaged
• Output shaft bent and twisted
• Door not secure
• Traffic lights twisted
• Barrier pointing the wrong way
• Weights jammed into security kiosk

And that’s only the damage that is visable on first inspection!

But, let’s look on the bright side, it won’t take long to put it right.

If you want to talk to “a man that can”, ring us today on 01636 704000


Showroom condition


It’s alright seeing a brand new traffic barrier leaving the factory for its new home, but you don’t always get to see what its new home looks like.

This “Heavy Duty” traffic barrier is more the exception than the norm – yet it will sit there all day every day, and in all weathers.

Newgate’s Heavy Duty barrier is just that – heavy duty, durable, long lasting, 100% duty rated and R & D tested to a million operations.

Does this face look bothered?

To get your H.D. Barrier today, call us on 01636 700172 or email –


Trapped WindThis Heavy Duty Barrier, with high bar curtain assembly, certainly isn’t as healthy as it should be.

It’s certainly experienced some major damage, whether it be from severe weather conditions, or vehicle impact.

We suspect the latter of the two – it usually is!

But, as usual, the damage looks worse than it is.  A couple of hours attention from one of our Service team, and some new horizontal and vertical sections, and this barrier will pass it’s medical and be fully fit again.

If you have a sickly barrier, or gate, just call our Service Team for assistance.

Telephone: 01636 704000


Nobody Loves Me

What’s this Newgate “Heavy Duty” barrier done to upset someone?

It’s lost its pole!
Its reader post is bent!
It’s wet!
It’s miserable!
It’s gloomy!

Surely, life’s got to get better than this!

Of course it will.  This barrier is probably one of the most arduous and durable in today’s market place.

Don’t underestimate Newgate’s Heavy Duty Barrier!

Want one? – call us today and be amazed at its performance and price.

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