Q. What products do Newgate actually make and sell?
A. Newgate design and manufacture electric and manual barriers and gates, turnstiles, road blockers. See our products page for more information.

Q. Do Newgate Install their products?
A. We install, all of our products including groundworks, (if requested to do so) on a nationwide basis, using our own fully trained and qualified personnel.

Q. Can I order a non standard barrier or gate?
A. Because Newgate design and manufacture their own barriers and gates,products can be customised and tailor made to suit each customers individual requirements.

Q. What sort of after sales service can I expect?
A. All equipment is guaranteed (parts and labour) for 12 months. In the rare event of a failure, spare parts are available off the shelf and can be fitted by one of our team of nationwide engineers.

Q. Will you visit site to check my site and requirements?
A. Our sales team are always on hand to inspect each and every site.

Q. What technical information / support can I expect if I place an order?
A. We submit as standard, layout drawings, foundation drawings, electrical circuit drawings, cable schedules (as applicable) and maintenance manuals. All available electronically, or as hard copy.

Q. How do I order a barrier or gate from Newgate?
A. Please contact us via telephone or email and open a trade account. We do accept payment by credit card. Online ordering via our website will be available shortly.