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8 Reasons to Consider Industrial Bollards

manual collapsible bollards at a car dealership

Parking bollards are vertical posts that control vehicular access to specific areas. They are generally used primarily for safety, but they can also provide an additional layer of security.

Effective parking management is crucial for businesses as they have a legal obligation to promote health and safety. It’s also in their interests to promote security, employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Enhance security

Parking bollards create a physical barrier that impedes vehicular access to restricted areas. This means they act as a deterrent to any form of crime that relies on (or benefits from) access to a vehicle. Common examples of such crimes are vandalism, vehicle theft and crimes involving forced entry to a building (e.g., ram-raiding).

The versatility of parking bollards means that they are deployed in a wide range of situations. For example, many businesses use them to protect strategic areas such as car parks and warehouses by using them to act as a deterrent. Equally, government agencies often use them to safeguard critical infrastructure from serious crimes such as terrorist sabotage.

Control parking space usage

Probably the single most common use of parking bollards is, quite simply, to control parking. Using parking bollards makes life easier for everyone, particularly the staff in charge of managing the car park.

Many businesses use parking bollards to divide their car park into zones. For some businesses, this simply means indicating which area is for staff and which for visitors/customers. For others, this will mean creating more granular zones such as accessible zones, VIP zones and loading zones.

In some cases, these zones may only be in operation at certain times of the day. Loading zones, for example, may only be needed in the early morning. In these cases, businesses may opt to use telescopic rising parking bollards. These can be activated and deactivated according to the usage schedule for the space.

Improve traffic flow

The simplest way to ensure that traffic flows the way you’d like it to is to ensure that drivers know what they should be doing. A popular use of parking bollards is to act as guideposts for drivers. In particular, they can be used to define entry and exit points. This can be for the parking area as a whole or for different zones (or both).

By making sure everyone uses the parking space in the intended way, parking bollards can help to reduce congestion. This makes using the parking space a much pleasanter experience for everyone. More importantly, it also improves safety by reducing the risk of drivers accidentally bumping into each other.

Safety can be improved even further by ensuring that everyone stays within a safe speed limit. Strategically-placed parking bollards can help with this too.

Protect pedestrians

Parking spaces need to be safe for pedestrians as well as vehicles and their drivers and passengers. At a minimum, people will be going to and from their vehicles. They need to be able to do so safely.

In many cases, car parks will be crossed by people who are not in vehicles. For example, cyclists may use bicycle racks. Train (and bus) commuters may need to go through (or around) the space to reach the entrance they need to use.

At a minimum, pedestrians need to be kept separate from vehicle users. Technically, cyclists can follow the standard vehicular traffic flow. In many cases, however, it’s desirable to keep cyclists separate from both vehicles and pedestrians. Bollards can be used to create and enforce safe walkways (and cycle lanes).

For extra safety, they can be used to create total blocks on regular vehicular access to areas that are designated as places for pedestrians (or cyclists) to gather. For example, if you have outdoor shelters, you can put bollards in front of them. For completeness, parking bollards do not usually stop cyclists. They can, however, force cyclists to dismount and lift their bicycles. This also helps to protect pedestrians.

Boost aesthetics

If your idea of parking bollards is the concrete blocks you see in many public spaces, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover just how many options there are available. Concrete bollards are often chosen for public spaces because they fit in with the overall environment in these areas.

If, however, your space has a different aesthetic, then there are plenty of other options available so you’re sure to find something to suit it. In fact, you might even find something to enhance it.

As a bonus, installing parking bollards can boost the value of your property too. Everyone wants to feel safe where they work (or live). Parking bollards deliver extra safety (and security) and hence are highly appreciated.

Environmentally-friendly options

It’s becoming increasingly common for parking bollards to be made out of recycled materials, especially plastic, rubber, and metal. This helps to promote a circular economy.

Some parking bollards are now leveraging solar technology. These bollards use solar panels to power LED lights, providing illumination for pedestrians and drivers without requiring electricity from the grid. They are particularly useful in remote or off-grid locations, where running power lines would be difficult or expensive.

Save money

There are two main ways that using parking bollards can save you money. The first is by reducing the likelihood that damage will be done to your property. The second is by reducing your insurance costs.

It’s also worth noting that accidents happening on your property can lead to reputational damage. This also has a cost, and it can be very expensive to repair.

The cost savings offered by parking bollards are generally more than enough to justify the cost of the initial investment fairly quickly. Furthermore, this investment can be expected to give returns for many years.

Easy maintenance

Parking bollards are easy to install and easy to remove if you decide you no longer need them in that location. They can also be easily replaced if they are damaged. With that said, it’s relatively unlikely that parking bollards will become damaged. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, parking bollards are created in a wide range of materials. This means that there are options for all climates and locations. In particular, all parking bollards sold for use in the UK are able to withstand the UK’s weather. Secondly, all parking bollards are designed to be highly resistant to impact.

Parking bollards are also designed to be low-maintenance. Even parking bollards made from recycled materials are highly durable.

Consider your business’ needs

To recap, parking bollards offer a range of benefits for businesses, including enhanced security, improved traffic flow, controlled parking space usage, pedestrian protection, and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, parking bollards are environmentally friendly, can save businesses money on insurance premiums and property damage repairs and are easy to maintain.

If you are a business owner, it is important to evaluate your specific needs and consider whether parking bollards could be a solution for you. Whether you need to control parking space usage, protect your property and pedestrians, improve traffic flow, or enhance the appearance of your property, parking bollards can provide a convenient and effective solution.

With a wide range of materials and designs available, parking bollards can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. So, consider the benefits of parking bollards and evaluate your business’s needs to determine whether they could be a valuable addition to your property.

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