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A Guide To Security Bollards

Security bollards are perhaps one of the more robust and flexible access control security solutions available on the market. Despite this, many businesses often think of security bollards as an afterthought when choosing which security solutions to use.

Bollards can be a highly effective form of access control security, ideal for a range of businesses across numerous sectors and, as long as they are correctly maintained, can last for a number of years making them as effective as traditional security gates and barriers.

Why should security bollards be used?

The main reason to install security bollards at your business premises is to improve the overall physical security. However, security bollards have a range of additional benefits aside from helping boost the overall security of your premises.

Access Restriction – correctly placed security bollards are an effective method of restricting vehicular access to your site and can help protect your business from potential theft or vandalism.

Visitor Management – automatic security bollards are ideal for controlling traffic in and out of your premises and are an effective alternative to fixed security solutions making them ideal for busier premises.

Aesthetics bespoke security bollards can be designed to blend in with their surroundings, making them feel less intrusive whilst maintaining the security of your premises.

Pedestrian Protection – as long as security bollards are strategically placed, they are ideal for protecting pedestrians and employees from vehicles when they are walking around your site, particularly during busier hours.

What types of security bollard are available?

Here at Newgate we offer security bollards in both manual and automatic variants making them ideal for securing a range of commercial and industrial premises including a range of retail premises, sports grounds and airports.

Automatic Bollards are a more flexible security solution and are able to retract and rise automatically as and when they are required. This type of security bollard is ideal for larger businesses that often have busier premises and more visitors that require a more sophisticated security system.

Our automatic bollards are a more flexible security solution when compared to static variants and are highly recommended for the majority of businesses across numerous sectors.

All our bollards are made from high quality, heavy duty steel to ensure that all our security bollards are able to function as intended and provide the security that your business premises requires.

For more information about our range of bespoke security bollards, or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact the team at Newgate today.

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