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Parklio Barriers Set To Be Introduced In Hotels Across Europe

Parklio Smart Parking barriers are set to be introduced in 42 reserved parking spaces in front of nine hotels in Split, Croatia to help prevent the continued misuse of private parking spaces.

Total Croatia News reported that the Parklio smart parking barriers were procured and installed by Split Parking, and users whose places are set up to use the barriers will pay a small additional fee to the existing price of the reserved parking space.

Split Parking had previously stated that “in the past year since the City of Split gave them jurisdiction over the reserved parking spaces for hotels, they detected a number of problems in the use of these spaces, the most common being illegal use”.

Whilst a large number of solutions where considered, the Parklio was chosen for its innovative design and capabilities which have meant it has won multiple awards and has become active in over 35 countries including the UK.

Split Parking was so delighted with the Parklio that they went on to say that “Once you actually see the added value that this product provides, we are convinced that this will be just the beginning of cooperation that will enrich the offer of the city of Split.”

The future goal is for Split Parking is to use the Parklio Smart Parking Barriers in all reserved parking spaces around the city, including at courts, museums, embassies and tax administration buildings.

Newgate Parklio Smart Parking Barrier

Newgate have recently become the sole UK distributor of the Parklio Smart Parking Barrier and have identified its range of uses not only for large businesses such as hotel chains and airports but also for domestic use such as the security of driveway parking spaces or apartment parking where spaces are assigned but not always adhered to.

What benefits can you expect from the Parklio Smart Parking Barrier?

  • Smartphone control
  • Weather resistant
  • Vandal-proof design
  • Resistant up to 9 tonnes
  • Automatic closing sensors
  • Solar powered rechargeable battery
  • Safety pin for manual override
  • Key sharing ability for guests

Whether it’s for use at home or work, our smart parking space barrier is the perfect security solution for controlling access to your parking space.

Furthermore, the Parklio has recently undergone a redesign, giving it a sleek and modern new look with increased capabilities and a battery that, when fully charged, will last up to a year.

It also comes with an extensive instruction manual with a simple step by step guide to installing the Newgate Parklio smart parking barrier and comes with visual aides to make the process as smooth as possible.

For more information or to order your all in one parking solution, please visit our smart parking barrier page or contact our friendly team today on 0808 156 1561 or email

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