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What To Consider When Purchasing Security Barriers

For the majority of businesses, a new security barrier, or any new access control security system, is a considerable purchase which, ideally, should be planned weeks in advance.

Despite this, many businesses forget to make all the necessary considerations before purchasing a security barrier and often find that they have made a mistake during the purchase process when it is too late to take it back.

With that in mind we have compiled a list of the top considerations you should make when purchasing a security barrier.

Level of security

The first key consideration you should be making is the level of security you and your business requires. For some businesses security is the top priority whilst for others security ay be lower down in the list of priorities for the business.

Furthermore, larger businesses will require a more robust security barrier and may even decide to purchase multiple barriers depending on their own specific needs and requirements. Alternatively, smaller businesses may find that they only require one or two security barriers at their business in order to secure it effectively.

Automatic or Manual

Another key consideration is making the choice between automatic and manual barriers as they each are suited to varying situations. Somewhere more isolated, for example, may not have the electricity access to install an automatic barrier whilst a business that receives more traffic may find that an automatic barrier is more beneficial.

Whilst manual barriers provide a robust security solution, particularly in rural areas, automatic barriers do have a range of unique benefits including their effectiveness at traffic control and that they are often more difficult for criminals to bypass.

Height Restriction

Height restriction barriers are another popular choice especially at entrance points and car parks. These, however, are a lot more specialised with their main use being to prevent high vehicles from entering a premises.

As such, these are often used in addition to another access control security system or in very specific situations which may not be applicable to the majority of businesses.


Perhaps the most important factor, your budgets will ultimately decide which type of security barrier you are able to purchase as each different type of security barrier will have its own unique cost associated with it.

When planning a large purchase like a security barrier it is essential to decide what is feasible within your budget which will help ensure that you have picked the right security barrier for you and your business.

Ultimately you know your business better than anyone and being comfortable with your decision after making all the key considerations is essential.

If you are interested in our range of bespoke security barriers, please contact our team today for more information or to discuss your specific requirements.

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