For over 38 years, our expert team have been supplying, manufacturing, and installing a wide range of access control solutions at a variety of leisure venues across the UK.

Here at Newgate, we are able to provide a range of leisure access control security solutions ideal for a variety of premises including gyms, leisure centres, cinemas and more.

Furthermore, all our leisure access control solutions are fully bespoke in size and colour meaning they can be customised to your exact requirements.

What type of security solution does my leisure facility need?

Access control security solutions installed at leisure facilities are often used for protection, however, do offer the added bonus of crowd and queue management as well as car park security which are often prevalent issues at leisure venues.

Our range of secure leisure barriers and leisure gates are able to provide strong yet flexible perimeter security, ideally suited to keeping leisure facilities safe and secure.

We’ve provided a range of different access control security solutions to a number of leisure facilities over the years including:

Does my leisure facility need security gates or barriers?

The safety and security of customers is essential at all leisure facilities and our bespoke leisure security solutions are ideal for keeping your valued customers safe.

Furthermore, security gates and barriers are ideal for securing your premises out of hours which is when leisure facilities are at their most vulnerable. The correct installation and maintenance of leisure barriers and gates can act as a strong deterrent for would be criminals.

What leisure facilities are suited to security gates and barriers?

Here at Newgate, we have supplied leisure security solutions to a wide range of leisure businesses over the years and have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience about the sector as a whole.

Access control solutions, such as security gates and barriers, are ideally suited to a range of leisure facilities including:

What are the benefits of installing access control security solutions at my leisure facility?

The main benefit of installing leisure access control security solutions is improved business security, however our range of leisure barriers and gates provide a range of additional benefits including:

  • Improved traffic flow – systems such as automatic barriers are ideal for managing the flow of traffic in leisure car parks which improves overall pedestrian safety and efficiency.
  • Crowd and queue management – our range of security turnstiles and pedestrian gates are ideal for managing large crowds and queues which often gather at leisure facilities especially during peak times
  • Prevent unauthorised access – entering without authorisation or trespassing can be a huge problem for leisure facilities and having sufficient physical security systems in place is a great first step to solving the problem.

Can our leisure access control systems be customised?

Absolutely, our entire range of leisure barriers and security gates are fully customisable in both size and colour and come with a range of optional accessories meaning each security solution we manufacture is completely unique to you and your requirements.

Leisure Car Park Security

The car parks at leisure facilities are often packed with tourists and visitors, especially during peak summer months where the majority of leisure facilities see an uptake in visitors.

As such, it can be difficult to manage the flow of traffic in and out of the premises.

Here at Newgate, we offer a range of car park security solutions ideal for controlling the flow of traffic in and out of your premises regardless of how busy it may be.

Leisure Crowd and Queue Management

Large crowds and queues are a common occurrence at the majority of leisure facilities, most commonly at cinemas, theme parks and sports grounds.

Our range of bespoke turnstiles and pedestrian gates are available in any colour required making them the ideal custom solution for crowd and queue management.

For more information about our range of crowd and queue management solutions and how they can benefit your business, please click here.

If you require any additional information, help, or advice about any of our leisure access control security systems, please contact the team at Newgate today on 01636 700172 or email websales@newgate.uk.com

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