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Types of Swing Gates

Newgate can provide a range of swing security gates which are suitable for use in a variety of environments, including both commercial and industrial.

Our swing gates are not ‘off the shelf’; they are designed and built in-house to suit your exact requirements, letting you choose the span, height, infill, colour and accessories. Please browse our range of swing gates below and choose from automatic or manual.

electric swing gate

Automatic Swing Gates

Manufactured from rectangular hollow sections, our Automatic Security Swing Gates incorporate a powerful hydraulic unit, or motor gearbox drive with integral manual operation.

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manual swing gate in black

Manual Swing Gates

Our Manual Swing Security Gates offer a variety of infill options, paint or coated finishes and accessories and are available in single or double leaf configurations.

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Industrial Swing Gates

Our range of automatic and manual swing gates are synonymous with quality, reliability and performance in the security industry. As swing gate manufacturers with over 40 years of experience, the Newgate brand is known to produce the best engineered and robust gates in the industry.

Our range are constructed from steel using substantial RHS sections, industrial bearing hinges, proven drive units, special paint treatment and state of the art electronics.

Every Newgate swing security gate is uniquely designed to ensure maximum operational performance, with all of our automatic swing gates either using our own proven motor gearbox drive system or ram drive technology, and all are BS6571, UKCA Approved.

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Why Choose Newgate Swing Gates?

Designed and built in Britain for over 40 years

All our swing gates are British designed and built to the latest industry standards and have to pass our rigorous design and approval process. Our attention to detail, quality and reliability can seen in every swing gate we design and manufacture.

Some of the key features of our swing security gates include:

  • Full mild steel construction
  • Adjustable bearing hinges
  • Choice of infills (tube, mesh, palisade etc)
  • Electro-magnetic gate locking
  • Manual override control
  • Full CAT 3 safety edge system

The complete solution from start to finish

Newgate can offer the complete works package for your chosen swing gate solution.

Our dedicated team can deliver all aspects of your works programme from survey, civil and installation work, to project completion and aftercare.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of performance every time, year after year and all our products are backed by a 12 month warranty as standard.

We can also provide full service and maintenance packages as well as spare parts to ensure that your swing security gates are working to their optimum performance all year round.

Our team offer the complete solution for a hassle-free project and complete peace of mind. A summary of all the services we can undertake as part of your project include:

  • Fully custom design and build
  • Site survey
  • In-house fabrication and manufacturing
  • Gate force testing
  • Installation and Civil works
  • Product maintenance and servicing
  • Product repair and spare parts
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Swing Gate Case Studies

Newgate have installed swing security gates in a wide variety of industrial and commercial environments.

Please browse our selection of swing gate case studies below for more information and examples from successful projects we’ve delivered previously.

Building Barriers for Sainsbury's


Newgate are delighted to have been able supply Sainsbury’s Bishop Auckland with one of our robust type 1 tracked sliding gates.

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Port of Middlesbrough

Port of Middlesbrough

Newgate has recently completed an exciting project for Port of Middlesbrough. Port of Middlesbrough has been supporting manufacturing supply chains for over 80 years.

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Rolls Royce

Newgate are proud to be involved our 15th project with Rolls Royce in the last 22 years – Long may the relationship last.

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Swing Gate Advantages

Low Maintenance

Swing gates require very little maintenance when compared to sliding gates, especially if the swing gate is manually operated. Sliding gates that run on a track require the track to be free from debris to ensure smooth operation; this requires on-going maintenance to ensure the gate is working correctly.

Lower Cost

Swing gates can provide a cost effective solution when compared to sliding gates as the installation process is simpler and swing security gates don’t require the same mechanical configuration of sliding gates, meaning they are cheaper to manufacture. They also require very little maintenance (as mentioned above) so you can keep ‘on-going’ servicing and maintenance costs down to a minimum.

Noise Reduction

The operating noise is kept to a minimum with a swing gate as the gate just needs to swing open and then closed to function. Sliding gates operational noise can be louder when the wheels are running up and down the track. There is also more power required to open an automatic sliding gate when compared to an electric swing gate, so the mechanical noise is also reduced.

    Easier to Install

    Swing security gates are easier to install as they are connected by hinges to the support posts, meaning that there is less groundwork required when compared to sliding gates, which requires a track to be installed for the gate to run along. A shorter installation time can save money but can also reduce the amount of disruption to your premises as the gate is fitted.


      If your premises requires a more custom shape for your gate then a swing security gate is a better choice as there are more options in regards to the style of the gate. Sliding gates have a standard appearance and have to be a certain dimension in order to function properly, whereas swing gates can incorporate more custom shapes like curved edges or diagonals, making the perimeter of your premises more visually appealing.

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