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Gate Force Testing

As a valued Newgate customer you will have recently been notified of our company’s continued attention to product development and commitment to the latest industry standards, regulations and Codes of Practices.

You may be asking yourself “does this apply to me and is it important enough to worry about”.

The answer to the first question is YES, if you have a Newgate Electric Sliding Gate that was supplied and installed prior to April 2009.

The answer to the second question is definitely YES, if you consider that you have a responsibility and duty of care to your staff and every potential user of the gate.

Some further questions and answers to help you to decide:

  • Is my gate safety edge system battery operated?
  • How many safety edges does my gate have?
  • How many does it currently need to meet the latest safety standards?
  • Do I need to undertake a Risk Assessment of my gate and it’s operation?
  • Do I need guards or screens on my gate?
  • Do I need to carry out a force test on my gate?
  • What are the current permissible force limits and gate stopping times?
  • How often do force tests have to be conducted?

All of the above questions will be answered to your satisfaction if you contact our Customer Support Staff at the following:

Telephone 01636 700 172 (Technical)

Telephone 01636 704 000 (After Sales Support)

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