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Security Turnstiles

Types of Turnstiles

Newgate can provide a range of turnstiles, including full height turnstiles, which are suitable for use in a wide range of commercial or industrial premises.

Our pedestrian turnstiles are designed for total reliability and user friendliness, ensuring operational effectiveness of controlled pedestrian access. Please browse our range of turnstiles below and choose from single rotor or twin rotor.

Single Rotor Turnstiles

Our full height single rotor turnstiles are designed with convenience and ease-of-use in mind. Available in mild steel or stainless steel for long-lasting performance.

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Twin Rotor Turnstiles

Our full height twin rotor turnstiles are ideal for occasions where larger crowd control is needed, allowing faster pedestrian access than the single rotor turnstile.

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Full Height Turnstiles

Newgate turnstiles have evolved over the years to our latest models incorporating our advanced Anti Pass-back technology.

Our security turnstiles are available in two main styles; the full height single or twin rotor turnstiles. All our turnstiles are provided in a powder coated or stainless steel finish, with a wide range of colours to choose from. Accessories such as canopy, downlighting and fire alarm override are all available, to suit each turnstile, as applicable.

You will find our full height turnstiles installed in many of the UK’s major airports and car manufacturing plants, providing them and other companies with the perfect pedestrian access solution.

Why Choose Newgate Turnstiles?

Our access control turnstiles are fully finished and assembled prior to delivery to site.

Our turnstiles arrive ready for installation, removing the timely process of having to build your turnstile on site when you receive it.

Our range of security turnstiles include the following features:

  • 90 degree or 120 degree rotor assemblies
  • Canopies
  • Down lights
  • Fire alarm activation to engage free rotation

Rigorous design and approval process.

As experienced turnstile manufacturers, our turnstiles are British designed and built and have to pass our rigorous design and approval process, ensuring they meet the latest quality standards.

When it comes to attention to detail, quality and reliability, we ensure this can be seen in every security turnstile we manufacture.

Our access control turnstiles are perfect for controlling the movement of authorised users, whilst deterring those not permitted on site for additional security and peace of mind.

Our turnstiles are designed and manufactured with convenience and ease-of-use in mind, without compromising on security. Available in mild or stainless steel, we can incorporate your company colours at very little or no extra cost.

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Turnstile Case Studies

Newgate have supplied security turnstiles for a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries.

Please browse our selection of access control turnstile case studies below for to see examples of some of the turnstile projects we’ve completed.


VPI Immingham

Our team has installed two full-height turnstiles at the VPI Immingham. VPI, are a UK-based power company that provides energy to the National Grid.

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Rolls Royce

Newgate are proud to be involved our 15th project with Rolls Royce in the last 22 years – Long may the relationship last.

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Pedestrian Control Gate

Coronation Street Film Studios

Newgate are proud to have our products featured at the New Coronation Street Film Studios in Manchester.

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What to consider when choosing the right turnstile

Access Control

Access control is a key consideration when installing security turnstiles at your premises and includes aspects such as the amount of pedestrians and the size of the entrance. All our access control turnstiles are ideal for different situations so ensuring you make all the key considerations detailed below is essential.

The size of the entrance

The size of the entrance to your premises will determine how many access control turnstiles you need. The larger the entrance, the more turnstiles you will require however additional posts can be added to fill the space if the amount of footfall doesn’t require multiple turnstiles.

The type of entrance also has to be considered, as full height turnstiles tend to suit outdoor entrances better (in the example of a football stadium), whereas indoor entrances may require a separate type of turnstile.

If you’d like to find out more, please read our blog on, Why Turnstiles Are Such An Important Security Feature At Stadiums & Sports Grounds.

How many people are expected to use the turnstile?

The amount of through-traffic during peak times needs to be considered when choosing which turnstile you need, as different turnstiles have different throughput rates, based on the speed of which users enter the premises.

Most turnstiles have a flow ratio of 10 people per minute which is fine for most entrances, however if your premises experiences a large number of visitors during peak times, then a faster flow rate (or multiple turnstiles) may be required.

Direction of through-traffic

Our security turnstiles have the option to rotate in both directions, so it’s important to consider the direction of the through-traffic. If the turnstile is required at a specific access point then rotation in a single direction will be adequate.

If users both enter and exit your premises through the same access point, a turnstile that rotates in both directions will likely be a more suitable option to prevent the formation of crowds.

Choosing the right finish

All our security turnstiles come in a range of finishes from standard powder coating in a variety of colours to a galvanised or stainless steel finish.

The location of your turnstile plays a big part in choosing the finish, as turnstiles located outside might be liable to rust or damage if the correct finish isn’t applied.

If your turnstile is located inside then it might not need a heavy duty finish; a decorative finish in your corporate colours may be more suitable.

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