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Newgate have a wide range of barrier and traffic control accessories which allow you to customise your product with a variety of additional features.

Browse our range of gate and barrier accessories below to find the right accessory that is compatible with your gate or barrier. If you are looking for something more specific that isn’t listed below, please contact the team today to discuss your requirements.

Standard Tip Support Post

The standard Tip Support Post is available for all rising arm traffic barriers. The pole rests in the ‘V’ for extra support. Recommended on spans of over 6000mm.

Lockable Tip Support Post

The lockable tip support post is available for all rising arm traffic barriers. The pole end can be locked in the down position, to prevent vandalism.

Mag-lock Tip Support Post

This tip support post is available on electric rising arm barriers and automatically locks the pole in place in the lowered position, using the electro-magnetic lock.

Adjustable Tip Support

Adjustable Tip Support Post

Providing the standard ‘V’ as with the other tip supports, but with the additional flexibility of adjusting the height. Ideal for applications where the ground levels vary.

Card Reader Post

Card Reader Post (Single Height)

Standard car height posts can be adapted to house many various types of access control systems. Available in straight or cranked configurations.

Card Reader Post (Dual Height)

Dual height posts facilitate cars and lorries. They can be adapted to house many various types of access control systems. Available in straight or cranked configurations.


Standard signs include STOP/NO ENTRY/NO EXIT/ENTRY/EXIT, 275mm and 420mm sizes are available. Illuminated signs and lorry height signs are also available. Specialised signage can be arranged, to suit site requirements.

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights can be post mounted or mounted on the equipment itself. Lights change from red to green upon equipment activation, depending on site requirements. LED and bulb options are available, as are an option of lens sizes.

PVC Curtain (Half Height)

PVC half height curtains are available for our range of rising arm barriers. The curtain restricts pedestrian access underneath the barrier arm.Curtains can be supplied in aluminium, as an alternative to PVC.

PVC High Bar Curtain

PVC high bar curtains are available on our Challenger and Heavy Duty rising arm barriers. As well as restricting pedestrian and cyclist access, the high bar ensures the barrier is visible to lorries and other large vehicles. Curtains can be supplied in aluminium, as an alternative to PVC.

Boom Lights

Boom lights are pole mounted and are ideal for poorly lit locations. The lights can remain constantly illuminated in the lowered position, or flash, according to site requirements. Available in both LED and bulb versions.

Wig Wag Traffic Lights

Wig Wag Traffic Lights

Predominantly for Road, River and Rail crossing applications, in association with automatic traffic barriers. All units come complete with lights, backboards, sounder, back indication and mounting post.

Razor Wire / Barbed Wire

An additional deterrent to the top of your Swing or Sliding gate. Supplied in a plated finish as standard.

Rotor Spike Capping

An alternative to razor or barbed wire, but a strong deterrent none the less.

Flashing Light Module

Flashing Lights

Barrier or gate mounted, and supplied with an amber lens, although other colours are available.

Alarm Module

Audible Alarm

Available in many formats, with variable output levels and tones.

Override Keyswitch

Override Keyswitch

A keyswitch supplied at the barrier, gate or remote office, positioned to provide override control of the automatic controls.

Speed Bump

Speed Bumps – Sleeping Policeman

Made from solid rubber sections to Dept of Transport Guidelines. Available in two heights 50 and 75mm, and lengths to suit your road width. Finished in yellow and black.

Reflective Boom

Reflective Booms

A highly reflective version of our standard pole covering. Standard reflective tape is red and white, but many other colour options are available.

Car Park Full Sign

Car Park Full Signs

“Full” Signs linked to your traffic barrier and counting system to monitor and control users into and out of your car park.

Safety Edge

Safety Edge

High Profile Safety Edge 1.7 Metre – Fitted to the underside of the pole (barriers without curtains only) to prevent the barrier lowering onto a person, or vehicle, in the event it is activated. Edges can be configured to stop the pole, or stop and reverse it.

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