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Terms and Conditions of Installation

1. The company will acknowledge any order involving installation, service or repair work by the company’s engineers, in writing, following receipt of the customer’s official order. The order acknowledgement will confirm the date of the commencement for installation and whether any preparation work by others is required prior to the scheduled date for commencement, together with any details of final survey which will be undertaken by a company engineer.

2. Any failure to advise the company in writing of any change or revision of the date of commencement may result in charges being imposed to cover costs incurred by the company. Should this confirmation of cancellation or postponement not be received by the company within 5 normal working days prior to the scheduled start date, the company reserves the right to charge labour time and travel expenses, currently rated at a minimum of £350.00 per man, per day scheduled on site.

3. The company may similarly charge on a pro-rata basis for such expenses owing to abortive site visits for any reason beyond the company’s control such as, for example, the non-preparation of items agreed or the non-commissioning of the mains power supply etc.

4. A final survey will be undertaken by a company engineer prior to full acceptance of contractual liability by the company.

5. All conduit/trunking and wiring will be undertaken in compliance with the 17th Editions IEE.

6. A mains power supply must be commissioned by others, terminating in a suitable isolator/fused spur.

7. The customer will provide safe and secure storage for all goods delivered to site that are not due for installation on the date of delivery.

8. Assistance with offloading and placing of equipment adjacent to the work area will be required and where appropriate, craneage or lifting of heavy items into the installed position.

9. Free and unobstructed access must be provided during the period of installation. Time lost owing to any infringement of this condition will be chargeable at daywork rates or the relelvant premium rate where applicable.

10. The company engineer(s) must be provided with free use of 240/110v AC mains power for power tools within the work area.

11. The customer must ensure that adequate lighting will be freely available in the work area for the duration of the installation.

12. The customer must inform the company, in writing, at least 14 working days prior to commencement of installation, of any special requirements pertaining to hazardous working conditions, age limitations, medicals, permits of work etc.

13. The company will charge the customer for it’s own cost against specialist equipment and plant hire, clothing, power tools or any other article required as a condition of installation by the customer.

14. Installation will be undertaken during normal working hours, i.e. 0800-1800 hours, Monday to Friday, unless otherwise agreed in writing to the company.

15. Any additional work or equipment specified by the customer during the period of installation must be confirmed in writing to the company prior to the work being carried out. Alternatively, authorisation must be confirmed on the engineers work sheet and signed by the customer’s authorised signatory. In this event the company will raise an additional invoice to cover the additional work and materials or products authorised.

16. (Engineers Survey) The purpose of the engineers survey is to confirm the technical suitability of the equipment specified and to discuss any civil or electrical preparatory work to be done by others. Additional visits, on a “consultancy” basis, can be organised but will be chargeable at £250.00 per day.

The company will confirm any amendments to specification or conditions on installation, following the survey, if appropriate.

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