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Health & Safety Signage

Below is a typical selection of warning signage that we use on our products. It’s vitally important that operatives and pedestrians, within the proximity of these products, are aware of the barrier/gate operation.

Additional signage and/or audible/visual devices can be incorporated at the client’s request, at extra cost.

Caution Automatic Gate

Used on all of Newgates Automatic Gate Products.

Do Not Touch

Used on all of Newgates Sliding Gate products in conjunction with the above.

Warning Disconnect

Used on all of Newgates products.

Caution Barrier

Used on all of our Automatic Car Park Barriers.

It is the responsibility of the client and end user to ensure that adequate lighting, signage, pedestrian walkways, etc. are in place before the proposed new equipment is installed and operational.

It is emphasised that it is dangerous to permit pedestrians, cyclists or equestrians to pass and travel through the equipment when it is in motion. Therefore, it is recommended that easy alternative routes are provided for non-vehicular traffic and that suitable warning and direction signs are placed on either side of the equipment.

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