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Why Turnstiles Are Such An Important Security Feature At Stadiums & Sports Grounds

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Stadiums & sports grounds are used for a variety of popular sporting events and leisure activities across the world with millions of visitors a year.

This means that security is the number one priority, yet security turnstiles provide a range of benefits to the security and management of a stadium or sports ground that many not be aware of.

Lack Of Security

It is, unfortunately, the case that stadiums weren’t always safe and enjoyable with many unfortunate events resulting in injury occurring at sporting events and concerts across the globe.

The lack of security at these venues 30 years ago as well as fear that spectators of sports such as football or rugby could become violent is one of the main reasons that security turnstiles are used today.

In fact, the revised version of the Government’s Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds recognised that stadiums and sports grounds now require secure access control systems including automated barriers and turnstiles.

The Importance Of Security Turnstiles

Security turnstiles have been a key part of stadium security in the UK since the 1890s and have been essential in manging grounds and keeping spectators and staff members safe.

Turnstiles also allow for greater control over the number of people allowed in to any one venue and can be easily secured to keep people out when they are not being used.

Here at Newgate we have a range of turnstiles suited to sports ground security. For more information, please contact the team at Newgate today to discuss your requirements.

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