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How Turnstiles Improve Access Control & Site Security


Access control and site security are priority considerations for businesses across all sectors. They are crucial to protecting a business from a range of security threats, including vandalism, fly-tipping, theft/burglary, criminal damage, and arson. Turnstiles are an efficient and cost-effective solution for managing access control and site security.

Importance of efficient & effective security measures

To ensure the safety and security of assets, employees and customers, businesses across all industries and sectors must implement efficient and effective security measures. Security breaches can result in severe consequences, including significant financial losses, damage to an organisation’s reputation and harm to individuals.

With the increasing prevalence of crimes against businesses such as theft, vandalism, and robberies, it’s crucial for organisations to implement efficient and effective security measures. These measures may include access control systems, surveillance cameras, alarms, and security personnel. Effective security measures can prevent unauthorised access, detect security breaches, and provide timely responses to security incidents.

Moreover, having strong security measures can also help organisations comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to security and privacy, especially the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How turnstiles can be used for site security

Turnstiles can be used in various ways to enhance site security. Firstly, turnstiles can be used as a secondary layer of security to perimeter protection measures such as gates and barriers. This creates an additional obstacle for unauthorised individuals attempting to access a site, increasing the overall level of security.

Secondly, turnstiles can be used for internal access control to secure areas within a facility. This could include areas with sensitive information, equipment, or high-value assets. Turnstiles can be configured to only allow authorised personnel to enter, using authentication methods such as access cards, biometric scanning, or PIN codes.

Thirdly, turnstiles can be utilised in emergency situations. Turnstiles with lockdown capabilities can prevent unauthorised individuals from entering a secure area during a lockdown or security breach. In the event of an emergency evacuation, turnstiles can be configured to allow for efficient exit procedures.

Benefits of using turnstiles for access control

Turnstiles are an effective solution for managing the flow of people in and out of a secure area. As a result, they offer several benefits for access control. Here are the four main benefits of using turnstiles to secure access points.

Improved security: Turnstiles can be used to prevent unauthorised access to secure areas. They can be customised to require specific authentication methods, such as access cards, biometric scanning, or PIN codes, which helps prevent potential security breaches. Moreover, turnstiles can prevent tailgating. Tailgating is when an unauthorised person attempts to follow an authorised person into a secure area.

Efficient and organised entry and exit: Turnstiles enable efficient and organised entry and exit, which helps streamline foot traffic and prevent congestion. This is especially useful in high-traffic areas. Turnstiles can be customised to suit different needs and preferences, such as allowing multiple people to pass through at once or requiring specific authentication methods.

Integration with other security systems: Integrating turnstiles with other security systems, such as access card readers, biometric systems, or surveillance cameras, adds an extra layer of security protection. This enables organisations to track the individuals who enter and exit secure areas. For instance, a turnstile can be programmed to require an access card to enter a secure area and a surveillance camera can be used to monitor the area for any potential security breaches.

Reduced staffing requirements:  Turnstiles can decrease the need for human intervention in access control, which is beneficial for organisations with large or busy sites that require round-the-clock security. They can be customised to operate automatically, minimizing the need for staffing requirements.

Types of turnstiles

There are different types of turnstiles available, each with its unique functionalities and use cases. Here are the most common types:

Tripod turnstiles: These turnstiles are a common sight in public transport stations, stadiums, and amusement parks. They consist of three rotating arms that are connected to a central column. Tripod turnstiles are designed to allow only one person at a time to pass through and are an effective solution for reducing tailgating. They are also relatively compact, making them a popular choice for locations with limited space.

Full-height turnstiles: Full-height turnstiles are designed for locations that require high-security access control. They are generally made of metal and are tall enough to prevent people from climbing over them. These turnstiles provide a robust barrier against unauthorised entry and are suitable for industrial facilities, prisons, and military bases.

Optical turnstiles: Optical turnstiles use advanced technology to monitor and control access to secure areas. These turnstiles are equipped with sensors that can detect when a person is attempting to enter or exit a secure area. They use infrared beams or laser technology to scan the person and their belongings, allowing them to pass through if authorised.

Optical turnstiles are commonly used in corporate offices, government buildings and high-end residential buildings. They provide a modern and sophisticated appearance and are an excellent option for locations where aesthetics is crucial.

Should you install turnstiles on your premises?

Turnstiles are an important part of access control and site security, providing a secure and efficient way to manage the flow of people in and out of secure areas. They offer various advantages, including preventing unauthorised access, reducing tailgating, streamlining foot traffic, and integrating with other security systems.

If you are considering improving the security of your premises, turnstiles are an effective solution to consider. They offer a visible deterrent against unauthorised entry, which can deter potential intruders from attempting to gain access. Moreover, installing turnstiles can also reduce staffing requirements and streamline access control operations, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings in the long run.

To sum up, turnstiles play a crucial role in enhancing overall site security by managing access to secure areas, deterring unauthorised entry, and streamlining foot traffic. As a result, turnstiles are an excellent option for organisations looking to improve their security measures. If you want to have an efficient and effective access control solution, it’s highly recommended to consider installing turnstiles.

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