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How Often Should You Service Your Gates & Barriers?

How Often Should You Service Your Gates & Barriers?

Commercial gates and barriers are a great solution for businesses looking to secure their premises. Manual and automatic security solutions can have lifespans of up to 20 years, but only when they are maintained correctly, this is why regular servicing is so critical.

How often should you have a service?

There is no definitive answer to this, but as a minimum, you should have your gates and barriers serviced each year. It is recommended to have the service within 12 months of the last services.

Barriers are most likely to be positioned at the entrance to your grounds and are in constant use as people enter and exit, if this is the case for your business, it is recommended to have your barriers serviced multiple times each year, just to ensure they are working at full capacity and pose no danger.

Security gates if heavily used will require multiple services each year, however it is also recommended that gates with less frequent use have multiple services to help components move freely with no issues and prevent future repairs which could be at a high cost.

Furthermore, having your gates and barriers routinely serviced helps your business ensure full health and safety compliance. Commercial gates and barriers that are not serviced pose a higher risk of malfunctioning or becoming inadequate, this can leave your business exposed to potential criminals.

What does a service cover?

Gate and barrier servicing should only be undertaken by a trained professional as it requires certain specialist skills and expertise, it is not advised to be completed by yourself as you could cause mechanical damage. A service for your security solution would include:

  • A visual inspection of the gate/barrier to check for any damage or wear
  • A check of the safety device to ensure they work as they should
  • An evaluation of gate/barriers structure
  • A check of the mechanical operation to ensure full working order
  • Lubrication of moving components to reduce wear and tear
  • An inspection of additional hardware such as intercom, keypads and card readers (if installed)
  • Full documentation and certification of the service

Unlike vehicles, there is not a minor and major service option available, all services would follow the same process to ensure full working order and leave no part of the gate or barrier unchecked.

The benefits of routine servicing

There are many benefits of having regular servicing for your gates and barriers, these include:

Prevent future costly repairs

Gates and barriers, especially electric versions have many complicated moving parts and therefore this need regularly checking to ensure full working order. Routine servicing guarantees that your product is working efficiently but can also help identify minor problems before they turn into major problems. This allows you to get the parts changed before any significant damage is done, as this can be expensive and time consuming to repair.

Ensures safety compliance

You may have your internal environment health and safety checked, but what about your external environment? Gates and barriers must comply with the rules of The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. They may appear harmless, but they can still cause significant injury so a routine service will help ensure all parts of your product are safe for use.

Increased lifespan

Correct servicing and maintenance is a given to prolong the lifespan of any product, gates and barriers are no exception. Small issues can deteriorate and shorten the lifespan of your product if not repaired, servicing eliminates this issue.

As commercial gates and barriers are an investment, you want the best return from this and a long-life span.

Improved security

Gates and barriers are both a great visual and physical security deterrent, but if they are not working, this means nothing and leaves your business exposed to criminals. Servicing will identify and remove any potential security breaches in your product and ensure high levels of security.

Gate & barrier maintenance

Alongside yearly servicing, you can undertake your own maintenance to help ensure your barriers and gates work in full operation. Firstly, ensure there’s nothing restricting the movement of your product such as trees and branches as these can damage the paint finish.

Secondly, it is advised to regularly clean the motor box, sensors and structure with an all-purpose cleaner, this will help keep your gate and barrier looking professional and prevent any dirt build up from covering sensors or signage and impacting operation.

Finally, you can check the hinges and tracks for any signs of wear and tear or rust, if you do find rust you will need to report before this on your next service.

Gate & barrier servicing by Newgate

Does your business have commercial gates or barriers that require servicing? Then look no further than Newgate. We offer product servicing to ensure your premises security is working exactly as it should, we also offer routine maintenance and product repairs so we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve got a question regarding our services, or would like to book one for your product, then simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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