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Product Servicing

The team at Newgate provide comprehensive barrier and gate servicing packages to ensure you get the most out of your product so that its fully operational and in perfect working order year after year.

Failure to maintain your equipment could have a detrimental effect on its performance and operational life. Our product is like buying a new car – despite having a guarantee, it still has to be serviced regularly.

Each year numerous people are injured by unsafe and poorly maintained gates and unfortunately these injuries can prove fatal. We strongly suggest that if you do not undertake your own gate or barrier servicing work, please let us work with you to preserve the life of you new product. A few pounds spent per week now will save you several hundreds of pounds in the future.

The Newgate Maintenance and Aftercare Division spans the country and offers 2 or 4 service visits per annum, co-ordinated from our offices in Nottinghamshire. During each visit, our experienced engineers check, test and lubricate the equipment fully, ensuring the equipment is left in full working order.

Any potential problems are noted to the client and any replacement parts required are fitted only on the clients instructions.

Gate Safety

Newgate takes safety very seriously and are proud members of the DHF Powered Gate Group and support the Gate Safe Program.

The Gate Safety and Upgrade Team at Newgate make sure that your gate is a safe gate in accordance to the European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC ) and supply of Machinery Regulations 2008, governed by the Health & Safety Act 1974.

We lead the way in continued product development and commitment to the latest industry standards, regulations and Codes of Practices ensuring all our gates exceed the latest safety standards. If your automatic gate was installed prior to 2009 there is a good possibility that it does not meet the latest safety requirements. If you are not sure if your automated gate is safe please contact us and allow us to provide a professional risk assessment.

Request an Engineer

If you require gate or barrier servicing and need to request an engineer, please click on the button below to fill in our ‘Request an Engineer’ form. In order to book a service engineer for a call out please provide us with the full details of the product and your contact information.

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