Case Study:

Network Rail

The Newgate rail barrier project started in November 2012 when Newgate (Newark) Ltd and Atkins Ltd engaged in talks with a view to developing a level crossing barrier machine suitable for use on the UK rail network.

The emphasis was to create a product that offers greater reliability, longevity, greener and better value for money than the current barriers used on the network and that can meet all current standards and requirements.

In January 2013, a team of engineers were put together to design both the mechanical and electrical sides of the barrier and so the journey began with weekly progress meetings from then on.

Newgate (Newark)Ltd and Atkins Ltd signed a memorandum of understanding on the 8th April 2013.

Then on 13th December 2013 a framework agreement was signed between Newgate (Newgate) Ltd and Atkins Ltd for the design, test, weather durability, build and supply of level crossing barriers and booms on projects throughout the UK Rail network.

Newgate have had continuous development and engaged in many meetings with both Atkins Ltd and Network Rail engineers to date to ensure a fully compliant, safe and reliable barrier machine was produced to both Atkins specification and BR843.

Along with very valuable input from both Atkins and Network Rail, Newgate continued with 24 hours a day testing of the barrier machines to complete over 1 million operations and constantly engage with Atkins engineers and have developed the control panels along the way to what is now the final solution on control which includes an approved SIL 3 rated safety controller.

Data monitoring equipment was installed on the test barrier which constantly records such things as the date, time start and stop, Ambient and cabinet temperatures, Motor voltage & current, Angular positions, Time to raise/lower & lights on/off etc.


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