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Industrial Sliding Gates

Types of Sliding Security Gates

Newgate can provide two distinct types of sliding security gates and our manual and automatic sliding gates are perfect for use in either commercial or industrial premises.

Tried, tested, proven and reliable, our sliding gates have been recognised as some of the very best in the industry. Please browse our range of sliding gates below and choose from manual or automatic operation.

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Manual Sliding Gates

Our manual sliding gates are built with simple effortless operation in mind ensuring that we meet our clients expectations in performance operational use and cost.

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Automatic Sliding Gates

Our automatic sliding gates are manufactured using steel RHS sections, industrial rollers, proven motor gearbox drive units and state of the art electronics.

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Sliding Security Gates

Newgate design and build a range of cantilevered and tracked manual and automatic sliding gates, manufactured to the highest standards.

Available in either cantilevered or tracked configurations, both our manual and automatic sliding gates utilise substantial steel RHS sections, industrial rollers, two coat paint treatment, proven motor gearbox drive units and state of the art electronics.

All of our sliding security gates are available in a range of standard sizes, but most are usually custom built to your exact size, height, infill, finish, control and cost. As sliding gate manufacturers with over 40 years’ experience, we ensure all our sliding gates are fully compliant with Latest Industry Standards (BS EN 12453) ensuring reliability and British engineering at its best.

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Why Choose Newgate Sliding Gates?

Custom sliding gates built to your specific requirements.

Should you have a specialist requirement, our design team will work with you to provide the perfect custom solution.

All of our manual and automatic gates are available in various sizes and colours with numerous options including:

  • Capping
  • Rotor Spikes
  • Barbed Wire
  • Audible Alarms
  • Flashing Beacons
  • Reader Post in Single and Dual Height

Each of our automatic gates can be controlled via numerous devices including, PEC, Induction Loops, ANPR, Push button to name a few.

Over 40 years’ of British engineering at it’s best.

As experienced gate manufacturers, we have over 40 years’ of industry experience and ensure that our sliding gates are some of the very best on the market.

All our sliding gates are driven by our very own proven motor gear box drive technology which is 100% duty rated and includes invertor logic as standard.

Our sliding security gates also have a full compliment of safety devices, ensuring reliability and British engineering at its best.

Each automatic gate meets or exceeds the latest current industry legislation of the machinery directive 2006/46/EC and meet both British and European standards, ISO 9001.

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Sliding Gate Case Studies

For many years Newgate have provided sliding security gates to a wide range of clients in many different business sectors.

Please browse our selection of sliding gate case studies below for more information about our custom solutions and some real examples from satisfied clients.

Waitrose Security Gate


Newgate supply and install a lot of Gates for the top 5 supermarkets but Waitrose always have specific requirements

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Building Barriers for Sainsbury's


Newgate are delighted to have been able supply Sainsbury’s Bishop Auckland with one of our robust type 1 tracked sliding gates.

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Port of Middlesbrough

Port of Middlesbrough

Newgate has recently completed an exciting project for Port of Middlesbrough. Port of Middlesbrough has been supporting manufacturing supply chains for over 80 years.

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Cantilevered or Tracked – Which solution do I need?

Both options have their advantages, but the choice will depend on your specific project requirements. To help you decide, we’ve included more information about each configuration below.


Cantilever gates don’t require a track to run on as they are counterbalanced and feature two sets of rollers that are connected to the bottom of the sliding gate between two vertical steel posts. Cantilever sliding gates are suitable for high frequency use and are often the preferred choice in many commercial and industrial premises.

The main advantages of cantilever gates are:

  • They are a suitable choice for installation on uneven ground
  • Less noise when in operation
  • Easier installation as no groundworks is required
  • Easier to maintain as the track doesn’t have to be kept free of debris or oiled to ensure smooth operation


Tracked sliding gates require a track across the gate opening for the gate to run on. Wheels are installed at the bottom of the gate to allow it to run smoothly back and forth along the track. It is essential that the track remains well oiled and free from debris in order to operate correctly.

The main advantages of tracked gates are:

  • Tracked gates can be used for larger openings
  • Simpler mechanism which is less likely to need mechnical repairs
  • Cheaper to manufacture

Whilst there are a number of advantages with both configurations, Tracked gates to require more maintenance and aren’t suitable for uneven ground, which may limit the option, depending on the requirements of your premises.

Why choose a sliding gate over a swing gate?

Both are perfectly suitable but there may be times when a sliding gate is more appropriate for your premises. We highlight the advantages of sliding gates below.

Higher Level of Security

Sliding gates are less vulnerable to attacks than swing gates as there is reduced access to the gates weakest points (which is usually the hinges) and are generally much harder to open with force.

Space Saving

One of the biggest advantages over swinging gates is the amount of space you can save. Swing gates require a larger area for the gate to swing open, where as sliding gates just require a track across the opening in order for the gate to operate.

Raised Surfaces

Sliding gates can be used in a wider variety of environments, especially where the road surface is raised. Swing gates aren’t suitable for raised surfaces as the gate can damage the surface on the incline and in some cases, might not open fully.

On uneven surfaces, a cantilevered sliding gate is the more suitable choice and in certain circumstances, may be the only option.

Suitable for Wider Openings

Sliding gates can be more efficient for wider openings as only one sliding gate is required compared with a set of double swing gates, saving both space and cost.

Whilst there are many advantages to using a sliding gate, there may be some instances where a sliding gate isn’t appropriate. Sliding gates need a suitable run-back area for the gate to be able to open fully so depending on what space is available, a sliding gate might not be an option.

For larger openings, a track is needed which requires regular maintenance to keep the gate operating correctly, so on-going maintenance costs should be factored into your decision.

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