Caravan and Holiday Parks

Newgate can provide a wide variety of secured access solutions to a range of caravan and holiday parks and with over 38 years of experience, our professional team of engineers can create and install the perfect security gate or barrier for your caravan or holiday park.

Newgate have been manufacturing and installing security barriers and gates at various caravan sites and holiday parks across the country for many years.

What type of security solution does your caravan or holiday park need?

Security barriers and gates are installed at holiday parks and caravan sites to prevent unauthorised access and all our barriers can be equipped with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to ensure that only registered members have access to your site.

We’ve provided numerous access security solutions to holiday sites over the years including:

Does my Holiday Park need Security Gates or Barriers?

Security should always be a priority for holiday site owners as it not only helps keep your park safe, but also your guests and any holiday-goers that are currently staying on your site.

At a basic level, the security of a holiday site revolves around access control and the installation and maintenance of gates and barriers is the first step in ensuring a holiday park is safe.

One of the main concerns amongst site owners is unauthorised access to the site. It is essential that security barriers are installed to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering the premises.

Even during the off season, security gates and barriers installed at caravan sites can act as a strong visual deterrent for anyone looking to enter your site when you are not present, which is when holiday parks are most likely to be targeted by criminals.

What are the benefits of installing Security barriers at my Holiday Site?

Installing access control systems at your site can wield numerous benefits for your site as well as your customers.

  • Improved traffic flow – having an access control system in place restricts the amount of vehicles able to enter your site to one at a time, which can improve the flow of traffic in and out of your holiday park.
  • Keep pedestrians safe – correctly installed and maintained barriers and gates slow traffic down as they enter your site making it much safer for guests who may be walking around.
  • Prevent unauthorised access – those who enter your site at secure entry points can be checked to ensure they are authorised to do so. This can be achieved in a number of ways including a card entry system or ANPR.

Can our Holiday Site entry systems be customised?

Absolutely, all our gates and barriers are fully customisable in size and colour and come with a range of optional accessories including card readers, signs and lights.

We are also able to customise your security gate or barrier to have specific signage based on your holiday park’s brand or logo.

Caravan and Holiday Park Car Park Security

Holiday Park car parks are often full during peak holiday seasons and many holiday goers rely on these car parks to keep their vehicles and property safe and secure when they are out during the day or night.

Here at Newgate we offer a range of car park security solutions ideal for not only keeping your customer’s vehicles and property secure but also for controlling the flow of traffic in and out of your premises which can be a problem for holiday parks when a number of people are planning to leave at the same time.

If you would like more information in regards to our product range or require additional advice as to what would be most suitable for your holiday site, please contact the team at Newgate today on 01636 700172 or via our contact form.

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