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Newgate are proud to be the sole UK supplier of the Parklio smart parking barrier.

The Newgate Parklio smart parking barrier is a smartphone controlled parking space barrier that helps residential and commercial customers manage their parking access. The smartphone application enables key sharing among users, allowing you to easily control and share your parking places with family, friends or staff.

Fabricated from weather resistant stainless steel, the Newgate Parklio smart parking barrier weighs only 15kg. Despite this it is able to withstand up to nine tonnes of pressure making this smart parking space barrier the perfect solution for controlling your parking access.

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Replacement Parts

Replacement Safety Pin

£35.00 + VAT

Replacement Battery

£85.00 + VAT

The Newgate Parklio smart parking barrier features a vandal-proof design to protect your parking space barrier from damage or tampering.

It also comes with dual charging in the form of a solar powered rechargeable li-ion battery which can last up to 1 year from one charge, as well as an optional 90V-250V AC adapter for a constant power supply (please note, this is a European plug that will require an adapter for use in the UK).

The Newgate Parklio smart parking barrier is easy to install wherever it is needed. Requiring four anchors (supplied as standard) to hold it in place, the Newgate Parklio smart parking barrier is ideal for self installation.

It also comes with an extensive instruction manual with a simple step by step guide to installing the Newgate Parklio smart parking barrier and comes with visual aides to make the process as smooth as possible.

“I purchased two Paklio units from Newgate (Newark). These units are straight forward to assemble and install and considering the functionality included they’re reasonably priced. The construction is sturdy and well engineered and they certainly look the part. The documentation is excellent and the mobile phone app is easy to install and use. Digital key sharing allows other users to be granted access to use the unit for a limited time period. All in all a very positive experience of this product.”

– Colin Holmes

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£399 + VAT, with Free UK mainland delivery.

Technical Specifications

Newgate Parklio Smart Parking Barrier
Arch & Case

Galvanized, powder coated steel

Mechanism Assembly

Stainless steel


Galvanized steel



Height (raised)








Single Battery Pack

3500 mAh, 7.4 V

Double Battery Pack

7000 mAh, 7.4 V

Rated Voltage

7.4v Battery / 90-250v AC (Please note: this is a European plug that requires an adapter for use in the UK).

Charging Current


Working Temperature

-20°C to 60°C


5% to 90%


Up to 2000m

Power Fluctuations

+20% and -15%

Frequency (for AC Connection)

50/60 Hz

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User Manual

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Key Features

The Newgate Parklio smart parking barrier comes with a range of features as standard including:

  • Smartphone controlled
  • Weather resistant
  • Vandal-proof design
  • Resistant to up to 9 tonnes
  • Automatic closing sensors
  • Solar powered rechargeable battery – lasts up to 1 year with a fully charged battery
  • Safety pin for manual override
  • Key Sharing ability for guests and visitors

Whether it’s for use at home or work, our smart parking space barrier is the perfect security solution for controlling access to your parking space.

*Video is for demonstration purposes only and does not reflect the colour or design of the final product.

Order Now

Order the Newgate Parklio Smart Parking Barrier for just £399 + VAT with free UK mainland delivery.

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