Retail Security Barriers

Newgate have a long history of providing retail security solutions and with over 38 years in the business, you can be sure that we will have a retail security gate or barrier for your retail premise.

Here at Newgate we have had countless years of experience working with a number of big brands in the retail sector including the likes of Tesco, Waitrose and Asda meaning we are sure to have a bespoke security solution to fit your retail premise.

What type of Security Solutions does your Retail Premise need?

Understanding what type of access control security solution your retail premises requires can often be a difficult task and many retail business owners underestimate the importance of having a range of security systems in place.

We’ve provided numerous security solutions to various retailers over the years including:

Does my Retail premise need Security Gates or Barriers?

Most retail parks, sporting arenas and leisure facilities have the need to control traffic flow, whether that is managing the flow of vehicular traffic in car parks and entrances through the use of retail barriers and gates, or managing the flow of pedestrian traffic through use of our pedestrian gates.

Furthermore, due to the large amounts of valuable goods the majority of retail businesses own, theft can be a huge problem. With correctly installed and maintained security gates and barriers in place, access to your premises is restricted, greatly reducing the risk of thefts.

Our full range of security solutions including our security barriers and gates are available for all types of retail and leisure premises including:

  • Supermarkets
  • Retail Parks
  • Shopping Centres
  • Individual Retail Outlets
  • Sporting Arenas
  • Leisure Centres

What are the benefits of installing Access Security at my Retail Premise?

Installing retail barriers and security gates at your premises can wield countless benefits aside from additional security out of hours.

Improved traffic flow – retail premises are perhaps some of the busiest throughout the year and ensuring that traffic can flow in and out of your car parks quickly and efficiently is essential.

Keep people safe – one of the main benefits of bollards and road blockers as well as security barriers is that they slow the movement of traffic allowing for pedestrians to cross roads and move more freely.

Prevent unauthorised access – with correctly installed security gates and barriers gaining access to your retail premises without authorisation will be significantly more difficult

Can your Gates and Barriers be customised?

Absolutely, all of our gates and barriers are fully customisable in size and colour and we pride ourselves on offering a fully bespoke service to ensure that your security solutions are manufactured to meet your exact requirements.

Furthermore, the majority of our access control security solutions are compatible with our range of optional accessories including ANPR, keypads and signs.

Retail Car Park Security

Retail car parks, especially those at supermarkets and large retail parks, are perhaps some of the busiest in the country and ensuring that traffic can flow in and out of your car parks quickly and efficiently is essential.

Here at Newgate we offer a range of car park security solutions ideal for controlling the flow of traffic in and out of your premises especially during peak hours of operation.

Retail Crowd and Queue Management

Retail premises have a range of peak times throughout the year such as black Friday, Christmas, and January, and so managing the flow of people in and out of your premises during these busy periods is paramount.

Our range of pedestrian gates and turnstiles are ideal for crowd and queue management in small and large retail premises including shopping centres, retail parks and supermarkets.

For more information about our range of crowd and queue management solutions and how they can benefit your business, please click here.

If you require any more information in regards to our product range or any additional advice as to what systems will be most beneficial to your retail premise, please contact the team at Newgate today or call 01636 700172.

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