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Newgate’s proven motor and gearbox drive unit

It’s back again! Newgate’s proven motor and gearbox drive unit. Does your drive unit conform to BS EN 12453? Can you alter the speed, add a soft start or soft finish, control the travel using proximity switches, and be guaranteed a 100% duty cycle? Manual operation is included as standard.

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Why Choose our Drive Units

Newgate have been automating gates for almost 30 years, so we know what we are talking about when it comes to gate drive units. Yes, we have drive rams for domestic or lightweight gate applications, but we also have our own motor/gearbox drive units for powering the biggest and heaviest gates. See our "Special customised gates" section. Newgate drive units will give you the assurance of a British designed, well engineered, substantially built and smooth & quiet unit that will work all day, every day.

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