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Newgate have been leaders in the gate and barrier industry for a number of years and are able to provide our range of access control solutions to theme parks across the country.

For over 38 years, our expert team have designed, manufactured and installed our industry leading security equipment in order to protect you, your staff and your theme park from any potential danger.

What type of security solution does your amusement park need?

Often, the installation of a security gate or barrier is used to prevent unauthorised access to a restricted area, whether that be inside your theme park or in the car park.

Our range of access control solutions for amusement parks provides additional benefits such as efficient traffic flow and crowd and queue management, which can be a difficult problem to manage at a theme park, especially during peak times of the year.

We’ve provided numerous access security solutions to theme parks over the years including:

Does my theme park need security gates or barriers?

Security should always be a priority at theme parks, especially due to the large amounts of people that pass through them on a daily basis.

At the simplest level, amusement park security revolves around theme park access control as they encompass solutions to the main problems that theme parks face including unauthorised access, car park traffic flow issues and problems managing large crowds and queues.

What are the benefits of installing access security at my theme park?

Installing our range of them park security gates and barriers at your amusement park can provide a range of benefits such as:

  • Improved car park efficiency – theme park car parks are often extremely busy and having sufficient traffic control systems in place can help to improve the efficiency in which vehicles can enter and exit your car park.
  • Improved crowd control – it can be all too easy for crowds to gather at theme park entrances which can lead to accident and injuries. Our range of theme park turnstiles and pedestrian gates make for effective crowd control options.

Can our theme park entry systems be customised?

Absolutely, all our amusement park security gates and theme park security barriers are fully customisable in size and colour allowing them to stand out or blend seamlessly into their environment.

Furthermore all our access security solutions come with a range of optional accessories, such as signs, alarms and lights, ensuring maximum security for your theme park.

Theme Park Car Park Security

Theme parks and fair grounds are often busy throughout the year, more so during the summer months when families are looking for a getaway or day out. However, this means that car parks are often put under stress due to the large amount of people looking to enter and exit your premises.

Here at Newgate we offer a range of car park security solutions ideal for not only securing your car parks out of hours but also controlling the flow of traffic in and out of your premises allowing for greater control over your car park access.

Theme Park Crowd and Queue Management

Theme parks can often struggle with an influx of people, especially during the peak summer months, meaning that crowd and queue management systems are essential, especially to keep efficiency high.

Our range of access control security systems, such as our security turnstiles and pedestrian access gates, are also ideal for them park crowd and queue management and are fully bespoke in size and colour.

For more information about our range of crowd and queue management solutions and how they can benefit your business, please click here.

If you would like more information in regards to our range of theme park security gates and barriers or require additional advice as to what would be most suitable for your theme park, please contact the team at Newgate today on 01636 700172 or via our contact form.

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