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A Guide To Business Crime Prevention

Here at Newgate we understand the negative impact that business crime can have on the daily operations of a business as well as the impact it can have on staff and you – the business owner.

It is therefore important to understand how you can keep your premises, your staff and yourself safe from potential acts of crime. This involves taking basic steps such as keeping valuables and stock out of sight and locked away, ensuring that any item that can be used to commit a crime is removed from the area and making sure you have basic security systems in place such as an alarm or motion activated lights.

However, whilst these basic security systems can prove to be efficient, the majority of businesses fail to ensure that they have sufficient access control systems to monitor specific entry points and car parks, which are also susceptible to crime such as vehicle theft.

How to improve access control security

Access control systems refer to restricting and controlling the access to premises in order to ensure that it remains safe and secure. Here at Newgate we offer a range of bespoke security solutions that can prevent unauthorised access to a business premises.

Barriers – Barriers are an ideal solution for securing car parks as they are an efficient solution to restricting vehicular access, especially during hours when the business is closed.

Our range of bespoke manual and automatic barriers can be fitted with a variety of additional accessories including alarms and access systems that require a specific code or card to be opened.

Gates – Security gates can be installed at any access point and can be altered to have a separate pedestrian gate to enable vehicles and staff or customers to access a premises separately.

Here at Newgate, all our security gates are fully customisable in size and colour and are also available with our range of accessories to ensure that unauthorised personnel are unable to access your premises.

Bollards – Bollards are an ideal method of restricting vehicular access whether it’s for a car park or on the street to prevent vehicles from ram-raiding your business.

Our range of bollards are available in manual and automatic variants and are designed for simple use and practical installation as well as strength and sustainability.

For more information or if you require a secure access solution for your business, please contact the team at Newgate today on 0808 156 1561 or email to discuss your requirements.

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