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Essential Tips for Securing Your Business Premises

Essential Tips for Securing Your Business Premises

In today’s world, premises security is so important for business to operate as they should. Many business owners may not realise the importance of this and may just brush past it, however being a victim of business crime can be very expensive and time consuming.

Risk assessment

The first step of improving your businesses physical security is to undertake a risk assessment. It is very important to under your premises and identify points of weakness, such as points of entry. Once these have been identified, you can start to take the steps to protect them, it is also advisable to keep a record of this risk assessment and update this when new risks are either installed or identified.

Internal security

Internal business security is highly important and is often quite easy to manage. If you are not sure where to start with your internal security, here are our top tips:

Doors and windows

It may be obvious, but the first place to start with your internal security is your doors and windows. All doors and windows should be locked when the office is empty, even during summer months when temperatures are high. No matter how small your windows may be, this is still an opportunity for a criminal to get in.

It is also recommended to review the durability of your glass windows and look to improve this if required. For example, single glazed windows can be brittle but double and even triple glazed windows are far harder to break into and will deter criminals.


All business premises need a suitable alarm system, this is another way secure your premises. Alarms are a deterrent to criminals as it alerts those nearby of an issue, they can even send alerts to your phone so when you’re out of the office, you are made aware of any security issues.

It is important for all staff members to be trained and aware of the alarm system, how to operate and what to do when it has been triggered.

Staff and staff training

Finally, staff are critical to the security of your business. Your staff should be trained and advised of what to do and how to deal with threats, they should also be made aware of security solutions in place and how to operate these if required. Without staff training, the chance of crime taking place is far greater as your staff will not know how to identify an issue or what to look for.

External security

Your business may be secure internally, but how can you improve your businesses physical security? Here’s some options you may want to explore:

Gates and barriers

If you’re looking to effectively secure your premises, commercial gates and barriers are one of the best options available. Industrial gates allow you to control the flow of both vehicles and people in and out of your business and act as a deterrent as they are very hard to get round or over.

Industrial barriers are used to control the flow of vehicles and can also secure your car park from uninvited guests. Restricting vehicle access to your ground can easily deter criminals in a vehicle, as trying to break through these barriers will cause significant damage to their vehicles.


CCTV is a popular choice for many businesses as it acts as your eyes whilst you are out of office. They can be positioned in key locations such as entrances to track who enters and leaves. There’s no limit to how many cameras you can install, so you can have every area of your premises under surveillance. If a problem does occur, CCTV cameras are a great way to gain proof before going to the authorities.


Locks can be used internally and externally, but the principle remains the same, they must be suitable. Door and window locks should be inspected multiple times a year to ensure they have suffered no wear and tear or damage. Gate locks should also be inspected regularly as these are exposed to the elements and are more likely to suffer damage and could become inadequate to secure your premises.

Car park

The next step to improving your business security is to improve your car park. Car park barriers are a great way to keep out uninvited guests from entering your premises. These can be either manually or automatically controlled and will seamlessly blend in to your business surroundings.


It is recommended to install floodlights on your premises, as these will illuminate all areas and make it far easier to spot unauthorised guests. During the summer months, this isn’t as essential as it’s naturally light, however in the winter months this can make a huge difference and deter criminals from entering your premises.

Reviewing your security measures

Once you have your internal and external measures in place, it is recommended to undertake an inspection of your current measures and review your risk assessment. This should be completed at least once a year.

Business owners can use this time to identify any new areas of weakness and you can also explore further premises security options to help improve your overall security.

Premises security by Newgate

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