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A Guide To Commercial Car Park Safety And Maintenance

Car Park

Car Park owners and operators have a duty to ensure that the car parks under their control are safe to use and maintained properly and, by law, every car park must be safe and suitable for the people using them, whether that be pedestrians or drivers.

Car parks often present a variety of dangers and hazards. People in the vicinity of car parks can be hit by vehicles and crime is also prominent in car parks, especially the theft of vehicles. With the amount of potential dangers a car park can present you may be left wondering; how can I keep my car park safe?

Car Park Safety

The first step to ensuring that car parks are safe is to always have safety in mind even when designing the car park. This doesn’t necessarily mean before constructing the car park, safety by design can involve following some simple best practices with the aim of ensuring that pedestrians and vehicles can navigate the car park in a safe manner. It is therefore recommended that car parks and parking areas should:

  • Be clearly sign posted.
  • Allow clear visibility for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Have well drained surfaces.
  • Have clearly marked parking and walking areas.

It is also recommended that car parks have sufficient traffic control systems in place such as automatic barriers or bollards to restrict and manage the flow of traffic.

Following these best practices can greatly reduce the risks of accidents and injuries in your car parks and are half the battle when ensuring a car park is safe.

It is also important however to ensure that car parks are as protected as they can be from crimes such as vehicle theft. The most effective method of achieving this is the installation of an access control barrier that can be secured when necessary to keep vehicles safe and protected.

Car Park Maintenance

It is important that parking areas, as well as any attached paths or roads, are maintained regularly and effectively to ensure that they are suitable for vehicles and safe to use.

Whilst ensuring that a car park is fully maintained may seem like a difficult task the processes involved are relatively simple. Correct car park maintenance involves aspects such as ensuring roads and paths aren’t too smooth, are gritted if there is a risk of ice or snow and are kept clear of oil, grease, rubbish and other debris that may impact a vehicle or pedestrian.

Surfaces should also be kept free of pot holes and other surface defects and should be drained regularly if there is a risk of flooding.

It is also important to remember that any access control solutions a car park may have, such as security barriers or bollards, are correctly maintained as any malfunction of equipment could cause damage or injury and the car park owner or operator could be held accountable.

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