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How ANPR And Security Barriers Can Benefit Holiday And Caravan Parks

Automatic Number Plate Recognition started out as an experimental technology used by the police and has now matured to the point where it is now regularly used for mainstream traffic management.

ANPR on its own has relatively little benefit to the holiday and caravan parks industry, but when it is combined with automatic rising arm barriers, it can become a meaningful solution to the challenge of managing security in holiday and caravan parks.

Effective security starts with managing your access points

At a basic level, most security revolves around the concept of access management. In the holiday and caravan parks environment that means ensuring that only authorised guests, staff and visitors have access to the main site.

Smaller sites may be able to rely on labour-intensive systems such as key-operated manual gates, however, these days that approach is only really suitable in a very limited range of environments where guests have been primed to expect a fairly bare-bones approach, for example in small-scale farms which have a few spaces for caravans.

Once you move up from here, modern guests expect a much smoother process and much higher level of service and, in this context, that means automation.

ANPR and security barriers make for seamless check-in and check-out

ANPR on its own simply informs relevant humans who is trying to enter (or leave) their premises. It’s only really of value which it’s coupled with an effective security barrier which stops unauthorised entry (or exit).

This pairing can provide meaningful security in a way which is seamless to the customer and almost completely removes the burden on staff, who will only have to step in occasionally when unusual circumstances occur, such as when a legitimate customer changes their vehicle and forgets to update their booking or when they get their reservation dates mixed up.

ANPR can also speed up check-out since it allows customers who have paid their full fees to leave in their own time, while stopping customers from leaving when there is an outstanding bill (or any other issue).

These days, many ANPR systems also allow for white-listing of number plates to facilitate the processing of regular visitors such as staff and the blacklisting of number plates to make it easier to keep out vehicles which have been identified as undesirable.

Both of these features should, of course, be used with some degree of caution, but they can still be very convenient.

The business case for investing in ANPR and security barriers

While there may be many reasons for the increase in people choosing to holiday at home, it’s probably a safe bet that one of them is to avoid the pain of navigating airports with their endless queues.

It therefore makes compelling business sense for businesses to invest in ANPR and automated security barriers to make check-in and check-out as seamless as they can possibly be, so as to provide the maximum level of competition against foreign holidays (and the maximum level of inducement for international travelers to use holiday and caravan parks in the UK).

For more information on our automatic rising arm barriers, please contact our team who offer a free consultation to discuss your security requirements.

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