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How Coronavirus Has Impacted UK Business Crime

During this period of great risk and uncertainty, the vast majority of businesses have chosen or been forced to cease operations or work remotely, leaving a large number of empty and unoccupied business premises across the country.

This has led to an increased risk of business crime particularly those such as theft or vandalism and many businesses have already been affected by crime caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But how will the ongoing COVID-19 situation continue to effect crime in the UK?

How will crime change due to COVID-19?

The Coronavirus outbreak has provided the opportunity for various crimes, most notably fraud in the form of fake and spam emails as well as other methods of cybercrime. However, physical crime has also been impacted by Coronavirus and whilst violent crimes such as stabbings and assault are down, business crime such as theft and burglary are on the rise.

In fact, a recent report from the BBC has revealed how police forces have issued warnings over criminal behaviour due to Coronavirus. The report also details the burglary of a local business in Pembrokeshire and there are fears that this type of criminal behaviour will continue to spread.

There have also been reports that the UK could be subjected to organised crime amid the COVID-19 outbreak. According to a report from the Lancashire Telegraph Steve Rodhouse – Director General of the National Crime Agency – has recognised the potential issues and has said:

“We recognise that the Covid-19 outbreak may provide opportunities for criminals, and we are monitoring intelligence and crime trends to ensure that we, and the whole law enforcement system, can react as needed.”

Whilst this is reassuring, it is important to understand the current situation and your role, as a business owner, in keeping your business premises safe from potential criminals.

How to protect your business during COVID-19?

It is clear that crime has changed due to the current global pandemic and, as such, law enforcement will have to adapt to meet the changes in criminal behaviour.

However, with absences in police departments across the country, businesses have to find new methods of securing their businesses, especially in instances where they are not operational and are not being routinely monitored or checked due to the current government legislation regarding staying at home.

The most effective methods of keeping your business safe are in ensuring that your business has adequate perimeter security in place. This may be as simple as lockable gates, security barriers or bollards or even biometric security.

The type of security you require will depend entirely on your own business size as well as your budget, but with criminal activity expected to continue, it is essential to ensure that your business premises remains secure.

For more information read our guide on how to keep your business premises safe or if you require a secure access solution for your business, please contact the team at Newgate today on 0808 156 1561 or email to discuss your requirements.



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