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How Security Consciousness Has Changed Physical Security

It is no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in many ways, and the ways in which we think about physical security have been a part of this change.

A recent report from the Global Vehicle Entrance Barrier Systems Market has assessed how the physical security market has changed and will continue to do so following the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the report, the market is showing promising growth which is forecasted to accelerate as more precautions are being taken as the UK lock-down begins to end.

This is demonstrating increased demand for physical security products as many businesses attempt to place restrictions on the amount of people who can enter a business premises at any given moment.

How will physical security change across different sectors?

As we have already seen, many sectors are increasing the precautions taken to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and as lock-down begins to end, these precautions are likely to still be required and used by numerous businesses.

For example, airports will likely become busier as the months go by and travel begins to pick up. This will mean a need for more access control equipment such as airport security gates and, more importantly, turnstiles to restrict too many people from grouping in one place.

In other sectors that receive many visitors, the measures taken could include car park traffic barriers to control the flow of traffic and restrict the number of visitors at any given moment. The implementation of such security measures not only helps protect your customers and employees, but also ensure that you are following government rules regarding social distancing, which are likely going to remain in place even when businesses begin to reopen.

As well as these increases in physical security, there is likely to be an increase in additional security measures such as contactless technology.

This may include the use of contactless intercom systems, proximity card readers or the increased use of mobile phones for identification and payments. These measures could be introduced across a range of sectors including airports, hotels, general business and supermarkets.

Furthermore, there are other options available for smaller businesses that may not have the scope to implement large security systems or access control equipment, such as security gates and barriers. This includes the use of thermal recognition cameras which can help detect when people are ill or have an unusually high temperature.

Whilst these more complex solutions may not be for you, it is essential that you take the necessary precautions if you are planning to return to work over the next couple of months and implementing even the simplest access control system, security gate or card reader may be invaluable to your    business, customers and employees.

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