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How To Improve Underground Car Park Security

Car Park Security

Many businesses find it relatively easy to secure their over ground parking areas and car parks through the use of various security methods such as security gates and traffic control barriers.

However, businesses that have underground car parking facilities often underestimate the importance of sufficiently securing them. The fact of the matter is that these underground parking areas are just as vulnerable to thefts and other criminal acts.

With that in mind, what can you do to improve the security of your underground parking facilities, to ensure that all vehicles you are responsible for remain protected?

How to secure your company car park 

There are a number of ways to secure your company car park. Traditional methods such as rising arm traffic barriers and manual swing arm barriers are effective ways to secure your car park from unauthorised vehicles. Bollards are smaller, yet offer high levels of security to your businesses car park, and as bollards can be collapsed, they allow easy access for authorised vehicle access and when raised, they help to prevent vehicles from accessing, day or night.

CCTV is an obvious way to keep your companies car park secure, it allows you to monitor your car park 24-7 and footage can be saved if required. More modern technology available for car park security is ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) which scans vehicles number plates and automatically lifts the barriers in place if the vehicle has been authorised.

Having a secure car park is a reassurance to staff, customers and clients as they know their unattended car is safe throughout the day or over night. Unprotected car parks are perfect for vehicle crime, theft and anti-social behaviour, and so having a security barrier in place will reduce the risk of this happening.

Security Barriers

Security barriers are also a popular choice for securing parking facilities, especially those that are often busy, as they are adaptable to a number of circumstances.

The main benefit of traffic control barriers, aside from the additional security they provide, is the ability to control and restrict the flow of traffic in and out of your underground parking facility. This can be hugely beneficial in the longer term by making your facility more efficient and effective.

Furthermore, the majority of security barriers come in automatic variants that can be customised and paired with additional features and accessories such as keypad control, a ticketing system or ANPR.


Traditional methods such as CCTV and security gates remain an effective method of securing a number of facilities including underground parking areas and can act as a strong deterrent. The main benefit of CCTV over other security systems is the ability to monitor any criminal activity that may take place; however that is where the benefits stop.

For parking facilities, security barriers are much more applicable as they act as a physical deterrent to the car park as well managing the flow of traffic in and out.

Roller Shutters

One of the most common methods of securing an underground car parking facility is the use of steel roller shutters. The use of roller shutters is particularly useful when securing your underground car park facility out of hours and act an effective method of keeping criminals out.

However, as with most security options available, roller shutters do have their drawbacks. In this case they are only useful when the car park is closed which can be a problem if your underground parking facility is active 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, roller shutters offer no additional benefits in terms of traffic control which could be a problem during peak times when cars are constantly entering and exiting your underground car park.

If you are unsure of which security system is right for your underground parking facility, or to enquire about one of our access control security solutions, please contact the team at Newgate today.

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