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How To Perform A Security Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

In the digital age the threat of hackers, digital theft and other cyber crimes is often enough to cause businesses to overlook their physical security. However, the truth of the matter is that business crime will always be a potential problem and it is important that your business understands the risks and the potential solutions.

A risk assessment of your business can be the first step in securing your business and understanding which areas of your business are vulnerable to would be criminals. The mistake many businesses make is conducting a risk assessment after a security breach at which point it is too late, the business could have already lost valuable assets, money and consumer trust.

To prevent this from occurring we recommend conducting an annual risk assessment to ensure that your business remains secure.

How to conduct a risk assessment

The task of actually conducting a risk assessment can often be daunting to a manager or business owner but the process can be broken down into four easy to follow steps. However, whilst the process may be relatively simple it is essential that you are thorough with your assessment to ensure your business is safe and secure.

Identify risk

Whilst it may seem self explanatory, identifying the risks your business faces is the first step to performing a successful risk assessment as this will determine the security measure you decide to take. Identifying risks may involve analysing the following aspects:

  • Crime Rate of your areas of operation
  • Commonly committed crimes
  • Number of people with building access
  • Number of entrance and exit points
  • Whether your space is shared with other businesses

Assess threats and vulnerabilities

After identifying the risks to your business the next step is to identify the threats. This can be done by analysing the likelihood of each risk occurring and which risks are going to be most costly to your business.

Ordering your risks allows you to develop a clear plan of action on which areas to secure and which areas take higher priority. Having a clear plan allows you to be more prepared for the worst case scenario and can be essential to keeping your business safe and secure.

Review current security measures

When conducting a risk assessment it is important you analyse your current security measures as the extent to which you will need to take action will depend on the systems you already have in place.

When reviewing your security systems you should consider your business security throughout the day and night not just during the times of operation as businesses are often most secure at this time. Ensuring that your premise has sufficient monitoring systems and lighting as well as various access control security is vital when securing your business out of hours.

It is also important to ensure that your security is fully functional and well maintained in order to make sure it operates effectively if necessary.

Review operating procedures

After evaluating your physical security you should also evaluate the procedures in place for your employees and customers. This process may include assessing the following:

  • Are there security checks for out of hours personnel?
  • Are security personnel positioned adequately throughout the day?
  • Are staff trained to handle difficult situations?

It is important to work with your staff during this element of the risk assessment process to ensure that they feel safe in the working environment and to ensure that they fully understand their roles when opening or closing the premises.

For more information about how we can help with your business security please contact our team or browse our range of access security solutions.


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