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The Continued Rise Of Criminal Fly Tipping

Last year a BBC Report found that fly-tipping had cost authorities over £60 million in clean-up costs since 2012 regardless of the issues it can cause with contaminating or ruining the land owned by businesses and other private landowners.

Unfortunately, the problem of fly-tipping has become much worse with recorded fly tipping incidents nearing 1 million over the course of last year.

  • “For the 2019/20 year, local authorities in England dealt with just under one million (976,000) fly-tipping incidents. That’s an increase of 2% from the 957,000 reported in 2018/19.”
  • The issue regarding fly tipping has become so dire that over the course of the last 12 months, the government had to carry out over 450,000 enforcement actions and over 75,000 fixed penalty notices yet this sis till not enough and many are calling for the Government to make fly-tipping an urgent priority in the near future.

How to keep your land safe from fly-tipping

With such a drastic increase in incidents and the solution nowhere in sight, how can businesses and private landowners protect their land from criminal fly-tipping?

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