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The Importance Of Conducting A Security Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Conducting a risk assessment should be the first consideration when deciding to purchase any type of security system, especially more considerable purchases such as heavy duty security barriers and gates.

Despite this, many businesses overlook the importance of a risk assessment and often end up with a security system that they didn’t require or adds no additional security benefits to their business. This is perhaps the worst possible outcome when adding any form of security to your premises.

What is a security risk assessment?

In simple terms, a security risk assessment is the process of analysing your current business’ security, analysing where improvements could be made and deciding which security systems are most suited to solving the issues you have found.

A risk assessment can also include various other aspects of business security such as alarm protocol and an analysis of your local area. However, these are likely to change on a regular basis and it is therefore recommended that you carry out a security risk assessment at least once a year even if you don’t plan on making any drastic changes.

How to conduct a security risk assessment?

The actual process of conducting a risk assessment for your business can be a difficult and daunting process for many business owners. However, the process can be broken down into relatively simple steps making it easy for you to conduct your own security risk assessment.

It is essential that you are thorough with your checks to ensure that your business receives the full benefits of any decisions you make as a result of your findings.

For more information about how to conduct your own risk assessment, please view our in depth guide on how to perform a security risk assessment.

What are the benefits of regular risk assessments?

Whilst a thorough risk assessment can take some time (depending on the size of your business and your security requirements) there are a number of benefits to conducting a risk assessment before making any decisions about your business security including:

  • Reduced costs – understanding your business’ security needs can save you from making unnecessary purchases which add no additional benefits to your business security
  • Awareness – being aware of any issues allows you to be proactive in finding the right solution rather than reacting to a problem when it arises
  • Reduce security incidents – understanding the issues can drastically help reduce the number of security incidents in the workplace whether those be internal accidents or external offences
  • Establish standards – consistent and thorough risk assessments can greatly improve your security standards regarding both external security and internal policies therefore improving your business as a whole.
  • Training – risk assessments can be a useful training tool and any findings you make can go towards educating employees on the security policies you have in place or plan to implement.

If you require any more information check out our guide to security risk assessments or please contact our team for any issues regarding your business’ access control security.

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