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Try And Nick My Van – I Dare You!

If you own and operate a string of vehicle show-rooms, like our long term customer in the South of England, you need to ensure (particularly out of hours), that nobody is tempted to drive off your forecourt with something they haven’t paid for.

Newgate have supplied our Rising Kerb / Road Blocker to one customer for the last… 20 years.

He likes them so much he has 21 of them!

This BS6571 Rated Kerb can span 5000mm, with a lift of 650mm and is suitable for 12 tonne axle weight vehicles. This Kerb also has an operational speed of 5 seconds.

It’s ‘baby brother’  is designed for smaller vehicles with up to a 3 tonne axle weight, spans up to 2500mm and has a speed of 3 seconds.

If you require your own road blocker/rising kerb or any of out other access security solutions contact our team today on 0808 156 1561 or email us at to discuss your specific requirements.

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