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Unexpected Ways Access Control Security Can Improve Your Business

Red Rising Arm BarrierAccess control security solutions, such as security barriers and gates, are often purchased with the sole aim of improving a business’ security as they are ideal for restricting access to a premises and reducing the chance of crime.

Despite the obvious benefit of improving your overall business security, the installation of access control security solutions can have a range of unexpected benefits to your businesses which can have a positive effect on the business as a whole.

Improve punctuality and monitor staff

As a business owner it can often be difficult to accurately monitor your staff and employees which could be making your business less efficient and the installation of access control equipment can help solve this issue.

Biometric security, for example allows you to know which employees are currently in the business and reduce levels of absenteeism.

However, if biometric security isn’t a viable option the installation of a security barrier with keypad or intercom system will also be able to help you track and monitor your employees and is often the more cost-effective option.

Manage traffic flow

One of the lesser-known benefits of access control security systems, particularly security barriers, is their ability to manage traffic flow and improve the efficiency of your parking facilities.

Installing automatic traffic barriers not only allows you to restrict and monitor who enters and exits your premises but can also increase safety across the site as traffic will have to slow down for the barrier, therefore, making your facility more accessible to foot traffic as well as vehicular traffic.

Improve employee peace of mind

Working at a premises that you are confident is secure is highly reassuring, particularly if an area is experiencing a spike in business crime rates. The additional security provided by security gates and barriers can be hugely reassuring to employees and improve overall morale and day-to-day efficiency.

Improve corporate image

Finally, one of the most overlooked aspects of installing access control equipment is the opportunity to improve your image with both clients who are visiting the premises, and the public. The installation of a security barrier or turnstile can create a reception point for visitors and demonstrate that you are concerned with the safety of your business and everyone associated with it.

Furthermore, we offer a fully bespoke service meaning that all our security gates and barriers can be fully customised with regards to colour, meaning that your access control security systems can also reflect your brand identity.

Here at Newgate, we provide a range of access control security products designed to help businesses improve their premises security. For more information on our range of security systems, please contact the team at Newgate today.

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