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Caravan Storage Compounds Are Vital Areas To Protect

Caravan Road Blockers

A caravan, to their owner is special, and is probably the most valuable asset they will ever own, apart from their house.

Whilst Newgate supply and install our rising arm barriers to caravan parks, they are not ideally suited to caravan storage compounds.

The rising kerb barrier, or road blocker, is daunting in size and appearance, and so naturally fits this bill.

Nobody is going to hitch up your caravan whilst these rising kerb barriers are in situ.

Access to the Caravan and Motorhome Storage Area is now very easy – and best of all – is more secure than ever!! A client can lower the Kerb using their own phone within time parameters set by us. A customer only has to drive up to the Kerb, dial the stored number and it lowers to allow access into our Storage Compound. Best of all – it raises automatically behind them. The system is set to stop tailgating! No more worrying about someone following someone in, a gate being left open – and a caravan going missing! It only works for phone numbers stored by our office onto the easy to use software. The number can’t be passed on without our authority.
The installation took approx. 3 weeks but was well worth the wait! The installers were very friendly, helpful and accommodating to our customers who were using a temporary gate to the side of the works. I see it as a long-term investment which instantly impresses potential customers and reassures existing ones. Ron de Raad, Oakhill Leisure

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