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Advantages Of Automatic Barriers Over Manual Barriers

There are a variety of security barriers available to businesses in today’s market including automatic rising arm barriers, manual barriers and swing arm barriers.

Choosing which system is best for you, however, is a difficult task and one which can decrease the security of your business if not done correctly and many businesses choose automatic barriers without much consideration.

With that being said, it is essential to understand the key benefits that come with an automatic barrier system.

Traffic Control

If you are considering implementing security barriers from a traffic control point of view, automatic barriers can provide a number of additional benefits that manual barriers cannot. Automatic barriers can be implemented with various optional accessories, such as ANPR, to ensure that traffic can flow in and out of your premises easily without the need for manual support.

This makes automatic barriers particularly useful for larger businesses that have a lot of employees and visitors coming in and out of their premises on a daily basis, which renders a manual security barrier unsuitable.


The main advantage of automatic security barriers over their manual counterparts is the flexibility they offer as they can be programmed and utilised in a number of different ways.

Automatic security barriers can not only be utilised for car parks and traffic control but are also ideal for securing a business premises out of hours as well as being ideal for private landowners who may have longer pathways or roads as a part of their property that they may wish to secure.

Furthermore, automatic security barriers can be easily implemented with additional systems as they require no manual input, making them ideal for the majority of modern businesses who perhaps have a smaller number of staff or lack the capability to employ someone to manually open, close and secure the barrier when necessary.


Due to the electronic nature of automatic security barriers, they are often seen as more reliable as it is more difficult for criminals to bypass them whereas manual barriers can, often, be easily bypassed by criminals looking to enter your premises or property.

Whilst automatic barriers do provide a lot of additional benefits when compared to their manual counterparts, there are some instances where a manual barrier is more effective mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t require any power supply.

Manual barriers can be particularly useful in more rural areas where they are needed for premises that require a simpler and perhaps a more cost effective solution as manual security barriers are often cheaper in the short term.

Ultimately, however, it will depend on your personal requirements and it is best to ask your supplier if you are unsure.

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