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How To Improve Physical Security In Schools

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Many people often have the misconception that schools are the safest places on earth, yet they are still at risk of potential crimes, even more so than some premises due to the large amounts of time teachers and students have off throughout the year.

Therefore, ensuring that your school or college remains safe is essential not only for the protection of staff and students, but also the premises when no one is present.

With that in mind, here are some essential ways to keep your education facility safe and secure.

Access control security

Access control security systems are simple and effective methods of limiting the flow of people in and out of your school or college. Something as simple as a keypad entry system, pin code or ID badge can help manage and control visitors and employees, as well as restricting access from unauthorised personnel.

Effective use of signs

Effective use of signs around the facility detailing aspects such as CCTV has been known to be an effective deterrent to would be criminals. The additional benefit of signs is that they compliment other security systems such as security gates and barriers and are extremely useful when keeping your premises safe – especially out of hours.

Signs can also be used to highlight any exit points of your school or college in case an emergency situation should occur.


CCTV has long been known as one of the most effective methods of securing any premises and provides the additional benefit of being able to monitor an area and record any incidents. This is highly beneficial in a learning environment as it allows you to keep an eye on students as well as having physical evidence of any incidents that may occur.

Perimeter security

Perimeter security is even more essential in schools and colleges than most other business sectors and will act as the first line of defence against any would be criminals looking to gain access to your site.

Perimeter security includes a wide variety of different aspects and having large fencing is no longer sufficient to keep a lot of premises safe including schools.

Additional perimeter security measures to consider includes:

  • Security gates – having a gated entrance, preferably with an additional keypad or card entry system is ideal for securing a school premises and can add an extra level of protection for both staff and students.
  • Security Barriers – Security barriers can be less effective than larger security gates but have the added benefit of allowing for visitor and car park management which can be a great benefit during peak hours at the start and end of the school day.

Ideally your school or college will have a variety of these systems in place as relying on just one security system is not enough to ensure adequate security for your site. Having a mix of systems adds several layers of security and ensures that the building, staff and students remain safe and secure at all times.

If you require any of our security gates, barriers or bollards for your business or require any additional information about keeping your school protected, please contact the team at Newgate today.


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