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The Essential Elements Of Perimeter Security

Crime and vandalism are on the rise, and with a poor economic outlook forecast by the majority, it is likely that things will get worse before they get better meaning it is essential that businesses are prepared should the worst occur.

Regardless of whether you have been a victim of business crime in the past, or are looking to prepare for the future, the implementation of sufficient perimeter security is always a good investment and will benefit your business for years to come as long as it is maintained correctly.

What is perimeter security?

The simplest explanation of perimeter security is the use of security systems – such as security gates and barriers – to protect a given area. Perimeter security can encompass a range of different security systems including the afore mentioned security gates and barriers as well as turnstiles and traditional fencing.

Assessing the risks

One of the most important elements of perimeter security is assessing the risks posed to your business and identifying any external vulnerabilities you may have that leave you exposed to criminal activity.

Many businesses rely too heavily on one type of security system such as CCTV or alarm which can easily be circumnavigated or disabled and are unable to actually prevent criminal activity unlike perimeter security systems such as security barriers and gates.

Therefore, conducting an in-depth risk assessment is essential before making any decision regarding your perimeter security. View our guide to conducting a security risk assessment here.

What are your key options for perimeter security?

After conducting a security risk assessment, you should have an idea of the vulnerabilities in your business security and can, therefore, choose a perimeter security solution that matches your exact requirements.

When it comes to perimeter security there are 4 main options that you could consider, all with their own specific uses, these are:

Most of these perimeter security systems come in both manual and automatic variants making them ideal for a range of businesses across a number of different sectors.

It is essential to remember that some of these security solutions are better suited for smaller businesses that don’t have a lot of land to secure. If you have a larger premises it is recommended hat you consider at least 2 different perimeter security solutions to ensure your premises is secured effectively.

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Vehicular Management

The final essential element of perimeter security you should consider is vehicular management and car park security. Fortunately, one of the main benefits of perimeter security systems such as automatic security barriers, is that they are ideal for controlling the flow of traffic in and out of a premises.

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To summarise, it is essential that you understand your business vulnerabilities and requirements before making any decision regarding the type of perimeter security solution you require and using the essential elements listed above can be the difference between effective or ineffective perimeter security for your business.

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