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The Importance Of Gate And Barrier Maintenance

Most businesses will be fully aware of the importance of having security systems in place whether that is a CCTV system or a larger access control security solution, such as a security barrier or gate.

However, many businesses are still unaware of the potential dangers that can arise when security gates and barriers are not correctly maintained, which often means that maintenance services are often overlooked.

What are the risks associated with a lack of maintenance?

The lack of correct gate and barrier servicing and maintenance can have catastrophic consequences which could lead to high repair costs and injuries to staff and customers which could even be fatal.

Throughout recent history there have been multiple occasions that demonstrate the risks associated with a lack of maintenance on security barriers and gates.

“Five year old girl crushed to death by automatic gate that did not meet British safety standards”

“The ‘haphazard’ design of a set of electronic gates led to a boy of nine being crushed”

“Director charged with gross negligence manslaughter after little girl was crushed to death”

These are just some of the headlines which are, unfortunately, becoming increasingly common as poorly maintained gates and barriers continue to endanger the lives of those who use them.

In order to prevent these events from occurring, gate and barrier maintenance should be of the upmost importance to any business that has these security solutions installed.

Here at Newgate, we are dedicated to the correct installation and maintenance of your access control solutions and offer a bespoke maintenance and servicing package that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

What are the benefits of correct gate and barrier maintenance?

The obvious main benefit of keeping your security gates and barriers well maintained is the improved lifespan of your security solution. Well maintained barriers and gates can continue to work effectively for a number of years.

However, there are a range of additional benefits associated with well maintained security barriers and gates including:

Reduced Costs – whilst there is a cost associated with maintenance and servicing, well maintained security solutions are less subject to critical failure meaning that you will hardly ever have to replace the full system which can help to significantly reduce long term costs.

Reduced Risk of Injury – as mentioned previously, poorly maintained security solutions can cause serious injury or even death to both staff and customers which you as a business will be liable for. Maintaining your barriers and gates is the easiest way to ensure that these incidents don’t happen.

How do I get my gates and barriers serviced?

Whilst it can be possible to manually check and service your security gates and barriers it is recommended that you avoid this as mistakes are more likely.

Her at Newgate we offer a range of bespoke servicing and maintenance packages as well as the ability to request an engineer directly.

All our maintenance packages are bespoke to your exact needs and requirements ensuring that you are always receiving the best service to keep your security gates and barriers functioning safely.

If you are interested in our range of bespoke servicing and maintenance packages, please contact the team today on 01636 700712 or email

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