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Top Mistakes Businesses Make When Securing Their Premises

Here at Newgate we have over 38 years’ experience providing a range of bespoke access control security solutions, such as security gates and barriers to a range of businesses across a number of sectors.

However, we often encounter businesses that make simple and avoidable mistakes when it comes to their business security, even when it doesn’t involve access control. Understanding these mistakes is the first step to avoiding them when securing your own business premises.

Not providing sufficient training

Often it has been the case that a business will have all the relevant security measures in place and will have done a good job ensuring that their business is safe and secure. However, simply installing a range of security systems isn’t enough to keep your business safe in the long term.

Ensuring that employees and managers are trained on the various security systems you have in place is vital. This not only adds and extra layer of protection to your business but also allows employees to identify when problems or issue may occur, meaning that they can be resolved quickly.

Not accounting for access control

Here at Newgate this is the most frustrating mistake we see businesses make. Many organisations don’t take into account access control when conducting their risk assessment which can lead to vulnerabilities in their external security.

Here at Newgate we are able to provide a range of access control solutions to help solve this issue including:

Ensuring that access to your premises is restricted using these methods is often the first step to ensuring that you, your business and your employees remain safe and secure.

Not having sufficient ID procedures

This mistake is often made by larger organisations where each employee should have their own unique form of identification to be used when entering and exiting the premises. This ensures that all employees are accounted for and that no one can gain unauthorised access to your premises.

Having sufficient ID procedures can also be a useful tool for visitor management and allows you to ensure that all those present in your premises are allowed to be there.

Inadequate maintenance of security systems

Ensuring that all your security systems are properly maintained is essential to ensure that they continue to function effectively. This doesn’t just apply to access control systems either but other security solutions, such as CCTV and alarm systems, also require proper maintenance.

Maintaining your security systems can also be more cost effective in the long term as correct aftercare can significantly improve the lifespan of your security system, ensuring that your business remains safe and secure in the long term.

Here at Newgate we provide a range of bespoke access security solutions. If you require any of our security gates, barriers or bollards for your business or require any additional information, please contact the team at Newgate today.

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