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How Airport Security Will Have To Adapt With The New “Air Bridge” System

With the UK lockdown beginning to ease and airports beginning to reopen due to more relaxed restrictions on air travel, it is essential to ensure that airports are safe and secure for all passengers and employees.

It has recently been revealed that the UK will be establishing “air bridges” with several European countries that will be coming into effect over the coming weeks. The list (currently consisting of 15 countries) includes France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Finland.

The implementation of these new “air bridges” will likely lead to increased air travel, as people look to go on some form of holiday this year as the COVID-19 pandemic has left them unable to do so.

What is an “Air Bridge”?

In short an “Air Bridge” is an agreement between countries that will allow for air travel between those countries with the aim of increasing tourism across countries where COVID-19 cases are low.

Ultimately “Air Bridges” will allow for smoother travel between countries and work in both directions, for example country A to B and country B to country A.

The UK government looks set to introduce these “Air Bridges” with a traffic light system which will classify countries as green, amber and red depending on the number of new Coronavirus cases each country has. The colour of the “traffic light” will control the “Air Bridge” and those with red and amber classifications may be temporarily restricted.

How can Airports stay safe upon reopening?

In accordance with government guidelines on social distancing and travel there are precautions that airlines will have to take in order to ensure that passengers and employees are kept safe during flights. These measures are likely to apply to passengers and staff members and will likely include the following:

  • Wearing a mask or face covering
  • Maintaining social distancing in the airport and where necessary
  • Enforcing regular sanitation and washing of hands

However, whilst these systems are essential for a health and well-being standpoint, there are additional measures that airlines can take to improve their airport security measures to keep passengers and staff safe not only from COVID-19 but also other security threats that plague airports on a regular basis.

The implementation of security turnstiles, for example, can help massively with crowd and queue management which is even more essential in the current climate with regards to the ongoing COVID-19 situation as it will allow for airports to strongly enforce the government’s rules and guidelines around social distancing.

Why traditional security is just as important post COVID-19

Whilst the main priority for all airports, upon reopening, should be, and will be, the health and safety of its staff and passengers regarding COVID-19, this doesn’t mean that traditional physical security measures should be overlooked.

Access control security solutions such as airport security gates and security barriers as well as other traditional forms of security such as CCTV and alarms should be checked to ensure they are functioning correctly or replaced if necessary.

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