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The Importance Of Access Control Security At Ports

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The UK’s port authorities are integral to the country’s economy with tonnes of freight managed by thousands of employees per year, therefore keeping both the employees and goods safe and protected is essential.

Unfortunately the importance of the UK’s ports and harbours has made them a target for vandals, thieves and terrorists seeking to cause damage and disruption to the nation by affecting vital supplies and key port authorities with international importance.

What options do UK port authorities have?

With the risk so high it is essential that ports and harbours are kept safe and secure through use of a range of security systems including those that restrict access to a premises entirely.

There are a range of systems ideal for this purpose including:

The importance of security risk assessments

As with any business it is essential to conduct a security risk assessment before making any decision regarding the installation of access control systems such as security gates and barriers.

This is integral to any port authority as each security solution needs to be tailored to the individual entrance and exit points each port or harbour has at its premises.

If you would like more information regarding the importance of security risk assessments you can view our in depth guide here: the importance of security risk assessments

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