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‘Harrods’ – A name that denotes quality.  Newgate have been supplying Harrods with electric traffic barriers and gates for many years.  Therefore, in our opinion, if it’s good enough for Harrods, then it’s good enough for you too!  The bonus with Newgate’s barriers and gates is that you will be buying British Craftsmanship and Design, but you will not be paying ‘over the odds’ for it.  Quality and Value for money – Result.

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Once again, Newgate are proud to be working with Simons Construction on the Phase 4 Development of the very popular Bicester Village Shopping Outlet.

This £110K project to us utilises almost every one of our gate product range, including large powered Sliding Gates, powered and manual Pedestrian Gates, powered and manual Bi-Folding Gates and MOE Gates.

All the gates are ‘site specific’ designed and built and include the clients preferred choice of wooden infills. Look out for images of the completed gates later in the year.

Quality Standards

Following on from our achievement of being awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in 2014, Newgate are now striving to be one of the first manufacturers and installers, within our industry, to be awarded the ISO 9001 and 14001 ‘2015 Standard’

But why stop there?

We are also aiming for the NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold Approval too.

Watch this space.

Quality Standards



Newgate’s’ New Fleet

Introducing Newgate’s’ new fleet of Installation, Service and Maintenance Vehicles.

 A bit of a diversion for us, as our livery has always been red.

 However, we feel that a new fleet deserves a new image – hence, we are now white.

 All of our vehicles include vehicle tracking, job allocation and reporting systems, as standard.

 Give us your feedback – Do you like it? – Yes or No

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 New Gates

23m Custom Built Tracked Gate

This recently commissioned tracked sliding gate is the company’s biggest yet. Custom built to the clients, Port of Tyne, specific requirements, it boasts a span of 23,000mm. But what’s it there for?  To control and restrict access to the dock area for their new £6 million gantry crane. At 70 metres tall, the crane stands even higher that its neighbouring Tyne Bridge (59 metres)





Newgate (Newark) Ltd. first achieved not one, but three quality standards in August 2014.

The company is certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO14001 (Environmental Management) and Ohsas (Occupational Health & Safety Management) following its latest audit.

Well done to the entire Newgate team for showing our customers, and competitors, what we are capable of yet again.

Well Done Team Newgate



Last month we told you that Newgate had entered the top 1000 British companies (from a potential 4.5 million) to inspire Britain.

This month we are proud to announce that Newgate is currently ranked 47th in the top 200 companies in the East Midlands for the fastest growth (CBI Data  – June 2013) 

Keep going team, let’s see what we can achieve next month!

Newgate Enters Top 1000 of British companies !

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 17.32.13

Did your company make the “HOT 1000” list of British companies to inspire Britain?

No! Well Newgate did.

According to a recent survey featured in the Daily Telegraph (December 2013), Newgate (Newark) Limited achieved this accolade, from a potential list of 4.5 million similar sized companies.

What was the selection criteria?

“Companies to have shown not just growing revenue over at least three of the past four years, but also to have outperformed their sector piers – and not just in terms of revenue, but by either growth in employee numbers, square footage or number of filed patents, too!


Is school access control getting you in a jam?

Schools image

Managing school access can be a constant headache with congestion at pick-up and drop off times. Newgate is helping schools to tackle traffic control conundrums with a wide range of cost effective solutions.

Here are some of the signs that mean your school security may need reviewing:

Were your gates installed pre-2009? They may need checking for CE and BS EN 12453 compliance. These standards mean gates have the latest safety features.

Do you have manual gates that can be opened without permission? Perhaps it’s time to consider installing an automatic gate or barrier.

Can unauthorised visitors easily gain access to your grounds? Newgate offers a wide range of access control options including: fob, keypad, intercom and swipe card, to keep unwanted traffic out.

Are students dodging traffic at peak times? Why not consider a pedestrian gate or turnstile for additional safety to keep them out of harm’s way.

Remember ineffective access control can invalidate your insurance premiums.

We can offer options to suit your budget and specific requirements, so why not call to speak with an advisor on: 01636 700172.

+ Image courtesy of Kettering Evening Telegraph

Newgate to unveil new Distributor barrier

Due to hit the market mid 2014, this new barrier from Newgate will certainly make the competition stand up and take notice.

British designed, British built, motor/gearbox/inverter drive, and priced to sell. Look out for the “bells and whistles”.